Bhadram Karnebhih Santi Mantram

My Veda Guru first taught me these 2 sAnti  mantrAs.

I have replayed this video clip many times and I found that the veda swaras match my text and that the mAtrAs or timing is also correct.

There are a few gamakAs (inflections) in this video (maa in maakshabir, also one visarga not audible after viswavedaah) that are used .. I am not sure that they are allowed in Vedas.

But this is sure to be of help to you.. to listen and practice with. It is from yajur veda, but the video labels it as Atharva Veda, don’t know why!

Source for translation below : Selected Prayers and Hymns from the Vedic Scriptures to Recite

Om ! Bhadram Karnebhih: Shrunuyaama Devaah:
Bhadram Pashyemaakshabhir Yajathraah: |
Sthirairangai Sthushthuvaagum Sastanoobhih:
Yashema Devahitham Yadhaayuh: |
Svasthi Na Indhro Vriddhashravaah:
Svasthi Nah Pooshaa Vishva Vedaah: |
Svasthi Nasthaakshyo Arishtanemih:

O’ Ye Gods ! May we hear with our ears only what is auspicious.
May we see with our eyes only what is auspicious.
May we, who sing your praise,
Live our allotted span of life in perfect health and vigor.
May Indhra who is praised by the devotees,
vouchsafe to us safety and well being.
May the all known Pooshan grant us safety.
May Garuda and Brihaspathi grant us well being.
Svasthi No Brihaspathir Dhadhaathu ||
Om ! Shaanthi:, Shaanthi:, Shaanthi:. Om !

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