Hidden in Plain View – The Vedas

Photograph Credit: Satya Sarada Kandula : All Rights Reserved


For centuries people have been complaining that Vedas have been the prerogative of male brahmins and they did/do not share these with other genders and castes.

The nationalist leaders of the freedom movement fixed that problem and now Vedas are available to all.. books, recordings, translations, training.. what have you!

And yet .. the recordings deviate wildly from the Veda Swaras (of any Indian state) and violate Siksha Vedanga (which incidentally is taught very rarely)..

The training is non-rigourous and does not demand any anushthana (practice/discipline).

The translations are superficial, fanciful, loaded with vested interests, inconsistent .. rigid.. and so on.. basically inaccurate.

Ayyo! (Oh father! Oh Sir!)

Many people quote the Veda – Meanings as if the translations are absolute and accurate even though the translators do not know more than 1or 2 of the 6 vedangas .. Other people happily listen to the old syllables set to new notes.. thus changing the sounds preserved over thousands of years.

So now everyone has the Vedas or anyone can have the Vedas .. only very, very few people actually do have the Vedas, the s’abda!

Those people in search of that s’abda still undergo the anusthana and learn from a regular sacred guru the original “sounds” with swaras and uccharana (pronunciation) as it was in the days of the yore.

These gurus are remote and must be sought out.. the discipline is severe and the process is long drawn. For all this.. no one has any “time” anymore.

So in the midst of all this Vedic proliferation everywhere.. hidden in plain view is the “right sound” the Veda and you can have it only if you know which is right and how to lay your hearing and speech on it, pouring into that sacred yagnya, the ghee of the time and effort of your well-regulated mind.

And one who doesn’t know, doesn’t know even if he is told. “Teliyani vaadiki cheppinaa teliyadu!”

Ayyo!  Once the Vedas were hidden from view and now they are hidden in plain sight! Hidden by the ignorance, pride and/or laziness in the mind of the observer. Far better hidden now, than ever, becoz’ a bloke who’s happy he’s found the treasure.. isn’t going to search anymore…

Authorship and Copyright Notice : All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula