Bhargava Atharva Veda – Zend Avesta – J.M. Chatterjii

  1. The Atharva Veda has 2 samhitas the Bhargava Samhita and the Angirasa Samhita.
  2. As per J.M. Chatterji, the Indian Atharva Veda is the Angirasa Samhita and the Iranian Avesta is the Bhargava Samhita.
  3. He connects Bhrgu and his son Sukracharya, the guru of the Asuras (Ahura) with the Avesta and nirAkAra worship..
  4. He connects angIrasa and brhaspati with the Deva worship that remained in India.
  5. He connects the term Zend with Chandas. Zend Avesta is to him chAnd upasthA.
  6. His date for Maha Ratu Zarathustra is 3500 BCE. He rejects the 1000 BCE date as one based on phonetics – a flimsy identification of Vistapa with Hystaspas.
  7. He says that that the oldest language of Avesta is very similar to Vedic Sanskrit. And that the Avesta is a contemporary with the later parts of the Rg Veda.
  8. Chatterji also tries to connect Atharva with Bhrigu and with Zarathustra.

My Thoughts :

  1. I have previously speculated, see Zarathushtra Spitâma : Concepts from Upanishads about the Upanishadic connection with the Parsi religion. I am quite interested in the idea of a Vedic connection.
  2. My own date for the Vedas is earlier than 4000 BCE, with upanishads overlapping with the Vedic period with a slight offset. I have based this on the rishis of the veda and upanishad mantras.  For eg there are some Veda Mantras of Saunaka Maharshi, which are actually after the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita (3102 BCE).  ( I request you to read my research on Date of Sri Rama, Date of the Mahabharata War, How many kinds of Yugas are there? and Generations between Rama and Krishna, Generations previous to Sri Rama.Calendars and Time in India)
  3. I have no comment about Chatterji’s date for Zarathustra, (but I reject his dates for Sri Rama, Krishna, brahmanas, aranyakas, upanishads, mahabharata etc.. for Indian dates he takes the Mainstream View Point. He appears only to accept an old date for Vedas, because of his interest in Zarathustra)
  4. Also our tradition holds that Atharva is the oldest Veda. If the compilations (samhitas) are by Bhrgu andAngirasa that only supports the traditional theory.

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Reference :

  1. The Hymns of the Atharvan Zarathustra by Jatindra Mohan Chatterji.

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