Miracles, Technology, Illusion or Imagination?

Our Puranas and Itihasas are full of interesting events and descriptions.

One example is the flying Pushpaka Vimanam in which Ravana carried Sita away and Sri Rama brought back.

  1. Traditional Indians and Small Children believe that this is the literal truth and that Mantra Sakthi (the power of mantras) can make all kinds of wonderful things happen.
  2. Modern Indians believe that Indians had planes then, and present the design and location of the aircraft maintenance centers. Look at Ramayana Sites in Sri Lanka
  3. Traditional english writers have called it imagination at best and lies at worst.
  4. Some modern western writers call it technology, but given by extra-terrestrials. (We all know the Maya sabha that was Duryodhana’s undoing. It can be done with claytronics perhaps?  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1ewx7_claytronics-cardesign_news)
  5. Some people are investigating anyone today who has Mantra Sakthi or Tapo Balam (strength of penance), and who are also interested in demonstrating this. With varying conclusions.
  6. Many studies confirm the health and psychological benefits of mantras and tapas but none confirm effects like levitation or cloning so far.
  7. Many contend that they were illusions.

So, Was it real magic? Was it ancient technology that we have forgotten? Was it detailed and vivid imagination?

From : Bhagavad Gita Complete : Satya Bhashyam :

“Note: Brahma (the great) is the creator of the Universe. His Maya (illusion) is the physics of this universe. If you are not deluded by Brahma Maya, you can attain Brahma Padam or the state of Brahma. Vishnu Maya is greater than Brahma Maya. Krishna is an Avatar (or descent) of Vishnu and capable of Vishnu Maya. Therefore, the miracles of Krishna. ”

From Maya Danava (Maya Asura) Ravana’s Father-In-Law: 

  • “Maya is also said to be the son of Vipracitti and Simhika and a brother of Rahu. Simhika is said to be a chaya grahi rakshasi or a rakshasi who catches shadows. She tried to prevent Hanuman from reaching Sri Lanka. This is all the more interesting since Rahu is a chaya graha or a shadow graha. As the author ofSurya Siddhantam, Maya described how eclipses were caused.. and it had nothing to do with anyone swallowing the sun!!”
  • The city of Lankapuri in Sri Lanka was built by Maya, an architect and king of the Danavas. However, Uttarakanda of Ramayana says that Lankapuri was built by Viswakarma.
  • Maya built a palace of illusions called the Maya Sabha at Indraprastha. It was full of ‘magical’ ponds and lakes as well as natural ponds and lakes. When Duryodhana, the cousin of the Pandavas came to visit, he fell in to a real pond, thinking that it was an artificial one. Maya built this palace for the Pandavas, because Arjuna spared his life in the Khandava Dahanam.
  • Maya Danava also built Tripura, three cities of gold, silver and iron.  This was later destroyed by Siva. (Bhagavatham Canto 7.) Valmiki called this Tripura Gopuram. There is an astronomical story (significance) overlayed with this story.
  • Maya is the author of Surya Siddhantam, which he learnt directly from an Amsa of Surya Deva. In this he gives a detailed technical description of a working hydraulic powered geocentric solar system model, that can be used for astronomical predictions. He asks his students to keep it a secret to retain a competitive advantage.
  • Since his model required the flow of water to power the movement of his model planets, he assumed a pravaha or flow of something in the sky to keep the celestial bodies moving.
  • Since Maya assumed a geocentric model,which we know today to be inaccurate, I surmise that his teacher may have been as brilliant as the Sun but was not the Sun himself.
  • Maya Sabha was a palace of illusions, and Maaya means illusion in Sanskrit. Given Maya’s scientific and engineering abilities, I am beginning to think that the Maya Sabha was not ‘magic’ but full of hydro-mechanical illusions.
Where the illusions were based on technology.. I believe that they had nothing to do with extra-terrestrial intelligence.. just native terrestrial intelligence that neither those with western techno-superiority complexes nor love of Indian magic are willing to accept.

Authorship and Copyright Notice : All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula