rAjasa tyAga : external (passionate) renunciation : has some limited advantages – dama, yama, Atma nigraha – self-control

It is well known from the Bhagavad Gita that sAttvika tyAga, inner renunciation of karma-phala – the consequences of our manas-purifying-deeds is the best!

In rAjasa tyAga, we physically give up – say wine and chocolates, but not our attachment (saMga) to them. It is fairly useless from a spiritual point of view – in fact you would be called a mithyAcAri – a practioner of illusion or a hypocrite.

But whether you dream of wine and chocolates or not – giving them up will have some good effects on your liver and teeth. Also you may win the admiration of people trying to say “kick their cigarette habit or something”.

dama or self-control is recommended as one of the steps in gnyAna yOga.

yama or self-control is recommended as the first step in patanjali’s aSTAnga yOga.

Atma nigraha is self-control.

So rAjasa tyAga can be seen as a starting point – the first standard. However this is NOT where you would like to reside forever.

Quiz questions :

  1. Can you think of any good consequences of physical self-control with respect to society or health or anything else? Even if the mind is still unregulated?
  2. Can you think of how to move towards sAttvika tyAga – inner renunciation from external renunciation?