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viSNu sahasranAma: (10) : The purest of the pure.

पवित्राणां पवित्रंयो मङ्गलानाञ्च   मङ्गलम् I

दैवतन्देवतानाञ्च भूतानांयोsव्ययः पिता  II10II
  • पवित्राणां – pavitrANAm – of the pure
  • पवित्रम् – pavitram – who is pure
  • यः – yah – he
  • मङ्गलानां – mangalAnAm – of the auspicious
  • च – and
  • मङ्गलम् – mangalam – auspicious (sukha (ease) – Adi s’ankara)
  • दैवतम् – daivatam – the deity
  • देवतानां – devatAnAm – of he luminaries
  • च – ca – and
  • भूतानाम् – bhUtAnAm  – of beings
  • यः – yah – who
  • अव्ययः – avyayah – unchanging
  • पिता – father

The purest of the pure, and the most auspicious of the auspicious, the deity of the devatAs  and the unchanging father of all beings.

Adi s’ankara says that a person by dhyAna (attention), by sight, by (singing) praise, by statement (chanting), by good worship, by remembering, by physically bowing down to the ultimate puruSa, has his sins removed from the roots.

Alternately he says, He is the purest of the pure by reason of, destroying karma which is the cause of bondage to samsAra and is of the nature of puNya (virtue) and apuNya (not-virtue) and ignorance which is the cause of karma, just by knowledge of His actual reality.

Then he quotes various purANAs and upaniSads to support this point of view.

“The bestower of mOkSa, s’rI hari gives the one who does dhyAna (paying attention to the divine), good looks, health, wealth, enjoyments (bhOgAs) without attachment.

Why not leave everything and think of that acyuta, who destroys all worries when remembered.

nArAyaNa should be paid attention to while doing all karma like bath etc, this is the purification of the citta, for one who has done wrong.” _ gAruDa purANa (1I 230 I 28)

“kRSNa mantra is the one medicine for the one bitten by the snake of samsAra. Just listening to kRSna mantra will free a person.

Even an extreme sinner by thinking of acyuta for as nimiSa becomes competent to purify a tapasvI or highly pure person.

Having studied all the s’AstrAs and having thought about them again and again, this one thing is clear – nArAyaNa must be paid attention to (dhyEyah).” linga purANam (2 I 7 I 11)

“O! wise ones! hari is always dhyEyah by you in a state of reality (sattva). Read Om and dhyAya kEs’ava.” – harim 3 I 79 | 9)

manDUka uaniSad says that the hRdaya granthi is cut, all doubts are torn up and all karma is destroyed, by the sight of that ultimate One.

Similarly Adi s’ankara quotes several other texts that uphold the idea of paying attention to viSNu, to become purified.

He again quotes vEdAs and upaniSads to justify the One God of Gods – daivatam devatAnAm ca.

I’ll try that part in the next post is possible.