Sukracharya was the son of Bhrgu Maharshi.He was one of the ancestors of Sri Krishna, his daughter Devayani was the mother of Yadu. He was a son-in-law of Indra. He was the author Sukra Niti and was quoted by Chanakya. He knew the art and science of Sanjivini.

In the Sambhava Parva of the Mahabharata, it is written “And the learned Sukra becoming a graha and engaged according to the command of the Self-existent in pouring and withholding rain, and in dispensing and remitting calamities, traverses, for sustaining the lives of all the creatures in the three worlds, through the skies. And the learned Sukra, of great intelligence and wisdom, of rigid vows, leading the life of a Brahmacharin, divided himself in twain by power of asceticism, and became the spiritual guide of both the Daityas and the Devas.”

In English, Sukra Graha is called planet Venus. Some western cultures see Venus and Moon as female, unlike the Indian tradition.

The eldest daughter of Sukra, Divi married Varuna Deva. She is the mother of Bala and Sura. Another daughter of Sukra named Devayani married Yayati, after falling in love with Kaca the son of Brhaspati, and being rejected by him.

Is there an astronomical reason why Sukra and Brhaspati (Jupiter) are called the guides or gurus of the devas and asuras? They are called brahmin grahas. Is it because they look bright and white? In sanskrit Sukla means white.

Another interesting thought to follow up : Devayanam = Uttarayanam. Does the story of Kaca Devayani have an astronomical basis?

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