Patanjali is the author of the Mahabhasya, a commentary on Panini’s grammar, the yoga sutras and has done some work on the Ayurveda. It is believed by Yogacharyas that he is an incarnation of Adisesha.

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Patanjali the author of the Yoga Sutras and the Mahabhasya .

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The Yoga philosophy accepts all these descriptions of the twenty-five categories (chaturvimshati-tattvas) of the Sankhya system, and at the same time it has a conception of God. The fact is this that Kapila rejected the utility and existence of God, but Patanjali, the propagator of the Yoga system, admitted for many reasons the utility and existence of God, the Creator, and he said: “Purusha-vishesah Isvarah” i.e. the Purusha, described by the Sankhya, is known as Isvara, the Creator, in the Yoga system, and for this reason Patanjali’s Yoga system is known as the ‘Sa eshvara-Sankhya’.

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