Gautama Maharshi (Part 2)

In Gautama Maharshi (Part one), we learnt the lovely legends of Gautama as they are recorded in the Siva Purana. And we followed them with our hearts and imagination.

Now, we will put our thinking caps on for a little while.

Gauthama solved the drought problem, with a pond (small lake or ‘Kere’) of water that he found with Varuna Deva‘s help. With that he built a green hermitage and he grew grains like rice and barley.

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Gauthama Water Resources: All Rights Reserved with the artist

Then he discovered the Godavari with Siva’s help and called it the Gautami.

His wife’s name is Ahalya. One of the meanings of Ahalya is ‘unploughed’. Brahma gave him, his daughter Ahalya which could mean some untilled land on his mountain, the Brahmagiri. This was because only Gauthama with his expertise in irrigation and agriculture, could make something useful of it.

Gautama composed the rk vedic hymns and nyaya sastra in his spare time. There may have been a little jealousy and competition over the pond, from his compatriots, which made Gauthama go looking for a river or any other water source. Or it may be that he felt the pond was getting too crowded. This may be why he went around the mountain (once or many times) and asked Siva for his help. His wife, children and students were on his side and they helped him.

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