Garga and Gargya

We know of Garga as the sage who named Sri Krishna and who brought the baby Balarama to Rohini. Garga is the son of Rishi Bharadwaja and Suseela. Dronacharya and Devavarnini (Kubera’s mother) are his half brother and half sister.

The Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, a treatise on astrology was explained by Rishi Parasara (the father of Veda Vyasa) to Rishi Maitreya. In this sastra in chapter 21, Parasara quotes Garga and Brahma on the effects of the 10th bhava (house).

The Narada Purana tells us one more story about Garga. There were 3 rakshasas on the bank of the river Narmada. They tried to eat up Garga Rishi and failed. At their request, he sprinkled the water of the Ganga on them with a Tulsi leaf. Then they got back their original states. One of these rakshasas was Soudasa (Kalmashapada, who was turned into a Rakshasa by Vaisishtha).

Sri Prasanna Parvathi Sametha Gargeshwari temple near Mysore is named after the Garga (Acharya, Muni or Maharshi?) where Ardhanareeswara appeared before him. Details.

We know of Gargya (son of Garga) as the author of some of the Sukthas of the Atharvana Veda.

Rishi Gargya starts the list of twenty seven nakshatra’s starting with Krittika. Choice of Krittika as the first of twenty-seven is very significant. In contrast Jyotishya Shaastra uses Ashwini as the first star” from

Atharvana Veda Kaanda 19 / Sooktam 7


Possible Date : Please see : Equinoxes and Dating Vedas: The Data

“-2350 Sage Gargya (born 2285), son of Garga, initiates method of reckoning successive centuries in relation to a nakshatra list he records in the Atharva Veda with Krittika as the first star. Equinox occurs at Krittikia Purnima.”

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