Durvasa Maharshi is famed above all for his short temper and his inclination to pronounce a curse on anyone who annoyed him. He could also be quickly appeased and would show people a way out of the curse as well. In the end everything turns out well for everyone. Durvasa Maharshi was the son of Sage Atri and Sati Anasuya and was born with the Amsa of Siva’s anger.

Atri and Anasuya were visited by Sri Rama and Sita during their vanavasam (exile. lit.  forest residence). In the Uttarakanda of the Ramayana, Sumantra tells Lakshmana that sage Durvasa predicted the separation of Rama and Sita.

In Kalidasa’s Abhignayana Sakuntalam, Durvasa cursed Sakuntala, Viswamitra‘s daughter, that her husband would forget her.

In the Mahabharata, Duryodhana sent Durvasa with his retinue to the Pandavas forest camp for lunch. Durvasa is the rishi who taught Kunthi Devi the magic mantram that can invoke the Devas for begetting sons.

Durvasa gave  a wonderful garland of fragrant flowers from Jambunanda to Daksha. He got it by meditating on Jagadamba.

Durvasa gave  a wonderful garland of fragrant Kalpaka flowers to Indra, which he got from Menaka. Indra gave it to his elephant Airavata which tossed it on the ground. This angered Durvasa leading to a curse which weakened the Devas, leading to the Churning of the Ocean. Durvasa said that Indra had become haughty because of the praise of munis such as Gauthama and Vasishtha.