A Jatakam almost like Sri Rama’s in 1956

My father spent the past few days hunting for a jatakam like Sri Rama’s in the recent past.

The Chaitra Suklapaksha SriRamanavami of 1956, yielded pretty interesting results.

A person on born on that day has Surya (Uccha) and Budha in Mesha , Chandra (Sva) and Guru (Uccha) in Karkataka, Kuja (Uccha) in Makara, Sukra (Uccha) in Vrishabha… so 5 planets in sva – uccha sthanas.. only thing is nakshatra is not Punarvasu.. so that is a major difference. (If you know some one born on that day, demand a treat!)


Using the Tithi Calculator at this Site, I verified the tithi durations from Amavasya to Sri Rama Navami of that year. As anticipated, the tithi durations are not uniform. If you remember my calculations here : Casting Sri Rama’s Jataka Chakram! I had stated that I had assumed uniform degree separations for each tithi (12 degrees between the sun and the moon) and an average value for  tithi durations. I had said that maybe if we fine-tune the calculations, the sun might be present in Mesha even though the Navami chandra was in karkataka. (This is not possible using “average” values in calculations)


Data as per Tithi Calculator at this Site showing varying tithi durations.

30 Amavasya Krishna Paksha 10/04/56 09:10 AM 11/04/56 08:08 AM
1 Pratipat Shukla Paksha 11/04/56 08:08 AM 12/04/56 06:40 AM
2 Dvitiya Shukla Paksha 12/04/56 06:40 AM 13/04/56 04:53 AM
3 Tritiya Shukla Paksha 13/04/56 04:53 AM 14/04/56 02:51 AM
4 Chaturthi Shukla Paksha 14/04/56 02:51 AM 15/04/56 12:42 AM
5 Panchami Shukla Paksha 15/04/56 12:42 AM 15/04/56 10:28 PM
6 Shashti Shukla Paksha 15/04/56 10:28 PM 16/04/56 08:14 PM
7 Saptami Shukla Paksha 16/04/56 08:14 PM 17/04/56 06:02 PM
8 Ashtami Shukla Paksha 17/04/56 06:02 PM 18/04/56 03:54 PM
9 Navami Shukla Paksha 18/04/56 03:54 PM 19/04/56 01:54 PM

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