Rama श्री राम



All the pages that I have linked to below keep expanding as I find more information and pictures, so if you check back periodically, you may find more points of interest. The details of the story are in the pages that I have created and linked to.

Devotees of Sri Rama:

General Posts (Ideas) related to Sri Rama:

  1. Tall and Strong : Could the people of the Tretha Yuga have been taller and stronger than us?
  2. Nagas, Syenas (Garudas), Vanaras : Were they Human?
  3. Vivara : Sita Devi asked Dharani Devi 3 times for Vivara. How can it be interpreted?
  4. Mantras : Space-Time Short-Circuits?
  5. Ravana’s 1 year wait for Sita.
  6. Ramayana in SE Asia
  7. Distances coverable on foot : How Sri Rama and Lakshmana walked such great distances.
  8. Rama – Bow and Arrow
  9. Rama’s Journey Map
  10. Sri Rama Jatakam

A fictional internal dialogue created by me, not from the Valmiki Ramayanam).: 

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