Red Ants and other bugs : Nutrition Facts : Chima, Iruve

When I was a child I was miserable if an ant got into my food. Folks would console me saying that my eyes would become big and beautiful and I need not worry so much.

Now they colonise various kitchen areas and since it is supposed to be a sin to kill ants, I try to sweep them away – and you can guess how successful that is. :)

Recently, I was reading about Naga Tribes and discovered that they eat a red ant chutney. I was told that there are others who eat fried ants. And they are nothing if not healthy! This is called entomophagy.

I was told by friends who visited Nigeria that kids there eat crawlies, live and raw.

So I decided to look for the nutrition content of red ants and I found this research article!

Clearly bugs are rich in protein and minerals, easily available – they grow in my kitchen! And it would help to solve the problem of world hunger a little bit at least! An there are bug recipies from mexico, philipines.. what have you.

I am a vegetarian too old and too set in my ways.. but maybe some more broad minded and adventurous people would try it?

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Sirius Alchemy said, on April 19, 2010 at 8:52 pm (Edit)


I first heard David Wolfe saying certain types of ants are rich in Vitamin B-12, an essential nutrient lacking for most everybody, vegan and meat-eater alike. I also understand ants are rich in formic acid, making them borderline medicinal (as a wild – read: not domesticated – food).

On an impulse I started munching some red ants of an unknown species this morning while my partner was in prenatal yoga. Now Im totally vegetarian, and besides ghee and bee pollen, (as well as the occasional goat cheese..), mostly vegan. The first one I nibbled between my front teethe, and let the flavor wash over my tongue. All I can say is it had something my body was really craving, it tasted so amazing!

I ended up nibbling them for a good fifteen minutes, putting down several dozen, and actually got a little bit of a buzz from it. Im a believer in karma and ultimate oneness, thus seeking food sources that minimize suffering and ecological impacts, but in the circle of life and the way of nature, ants are so prolific as to be somewhat dispensable on an individual wild-harvested basis.

Conclusion: I highly encourage experimenting with eating ants!!!