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I am going to have to use bits and pieces of this image in some of my stories and articles on this web-site. So I am going to put this map here and give credit to Jijith N.R. for the map he drew. I got it from Wikimedia Commons. With reference to some places I disagree with Jijith and with respect to others, I have not made up my mind yet, but I still think, it is a very, useful starting point.

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Epic Cities of India

Epic Cities of India

This image shows the locations of Kingdoms mentioned in the Indian epics. Focus is on Mahabharata. The names mentioned in Ramayana also is included. The locations of the kingdoms are based on the current knowledge about their locations. Yellow coloured names are the names of the kingdoms. Orange colored names are kingdoms outside ancient India, but which are mentioned in the epics. Their locations are highly speculative. Pink coloured names are the territories of the exotic tribes. They have spread to many other places. By Rakshasa Kigdom, what is meant is the territory of Ghatotkacha. Asura Kingdom is the kingdom of Vrishaparvan, an Asura royal sage. The river names are shown in blue, the mountains in purple and forests in green as a background for the locations of the kingdoms. Most of these natural boundaries serve as the boundaries of these kingdoms.
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