Ksheera Sagara Mathanam (Location)

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Reasons to believe that the Ksheera Sagara Mathanam took place on the south-east coast of India:

  • There is a temple at Antarvedi, near Narsapur (see image), As per the Sthala purana, during the Kruta Yuga, the ksheera sagara mathanam took place here for Amrutam.
Aerial view of the Antarvedi location of

Aerial view of the Antarvedi and Amaravathi

  • There is a temple at Surutapalli and one in West Bengal where Siva is said to have fainted after drinking the poison where the Mother (Amba) revived him. Photographs of Suruttapalli. Both are on the east coast. (I have recently heard a legend that the place where he drank the poison was at Neelkanth, near Rishikesh.)
  • The devas are said to have lived in Amaravathi (on the banks of Krishna) when Tarakasura drove them out of Svarga.  Amaravathi is in modern Andhra near the east coast. (In the map at the end look at the red dot.)
Amaravathi location

Amaravathi location

  • When the ocean was churned, first the Moon (Chandra) rose out of the water and then his sister Lakshmi (light) emerged from the water. The moon rises out of the ocean only on the east coast. On the West coast, the moon only sets.
  • Even recently, the families of the Tsunami victims poured Milk into the ocean for their dead relatives. Ksheera sagara mathanam means Churning of the Ocean of Milk.
  • Sri Kurmam, is on the east coast relatively close to Antarvedi. Here Sri Maha Vishnu is worshipped in his Kurma Avatar. This is to my knowledge the only temple to the Kurma avatar.
  • Brahma gave the East Direction to Indra. The name Andhra can be derived from Indra.

Hiranyakasipu’s palace was in Ahobalam (Ahobilam)

  • Where Narasimha Killed Hiranyakasipu : Another pointer to the east coast location of the Devas and Asuras. Hiranyakasipu, the son of Diti and Kasyapa and step-brother of Indra was killed in his own palace. That place is marked at Ahobilam, in Kurnool district, near Nandyal in modern Andhra Pradesh. Besides this Narasimha Swamy is called Appanna and about half the people on the eat coast of Andhra are called Appana or Narasimha. Other Narasimha Swamy Temples include Simahachalam and Mangalagiri.
  • During the period before the Bharata War (3100 BC), most of the observed astronomical events, like the star canopus (Agastya, the “rise” of the Sapta Rishis and observation of the Saptarishi movements were possible only to the south of the Vindhyas, the south of the Tropic of Cancer and the South of Andhra respectively.

Vasishtha and Satyavrata Manu (the son of Vivaswan – Surya Deva) were from Andhra Dravida originally.

  • As per the Matsya Purana, Vasishtha and the other saptarishis, were taken by Satyavrata Manu (Vaivaswatha) from Dravida to the Himalayas when there was a flood. After that the descendants of Satyavrata – the Ikshavkus flourished with the base they established at Ayodhya.
  • Vasishta composed a number of Rg Vedic Mantras to Samudra (the ocean) and Varuna,  the Deva representing the ocean. He was called MaitraVaruni. He clearly knew the ocean. (This is not possible for someone who lived only between the Ganga and Saraswathi)
  • Vasishta Godavari joins the Bay of Bengal at Antarvedi. Lakshmi Narasimha Temple and Vasistha Asram are located near that place.
  • Vasishta’s 100 sons were killed by Rakthavilochana, the son of Hiranyaksha, at the instigation of Viswamitra. Vasishtha and Arundhati appealed to Narasimha who killed Rakthavilochana. (Another story indicates that they were killed by Kalmashapada)

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South Indian Home of the Vedas

It is said that Vishnu (the galactic centre) lies on Adi Sesha (That which is left over (sesha) from the beginning, Adi), in the Ksheera Sagara ( the milky way).

Ksheera sagara mathanam means churning of the ocean of milk. The Devas on one side and the Asuras on the other side pulled first one way and then another on a snake wound around the Manthara (Manthana means churning – Manthara is the stick used for churning?) mountain. The arms of the milky way, look to me like the two ends of the  snake-rope that was used for churning.

As a result of this churning emerged all kinds of treasures, Amrutham (non-death) being the final wonder. Chandra (the moon) and Lakshmi (light) are easy to understand. What were the others. This ksheera sagara mathanam is connected in some way with Sivarathri. Because Siva swallowed the halahalam or poison on that day and Saivates fast out of concern. What could be the halahalam and what could be the amrtam?

Today we do not see the KalpaVrksham (the tree that grants wishes) or kamadhenu (wish giving cow) as a pattern in the stars, but could that explain them?

Vasishtha is one of the stars of the Sapta Rishi Mandala (Great Bear), he was said to be present at the Ksheera Sagara Mathanam.

I need to understand a little more astronomy and how the sky looks at night over the course of the year, to explain this better. Bangalore skies are not very co-operative, so I shall have to look at charts or something.

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