Ancient India Map (3) Rama’s Journey

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These maps have been taken from the historical work in novel form Ramakandam by Prof. Kandula V.N. Sarma (Kavana Sarma). It is copyrighted. You may use it for your personal use, but may not reproduce it without his permission.

ramakandam 016

2nd kandam bharathudu raaka 014

Maps in English :

travels discribed in vaalmiki ramaayana

travels discribed in vaalmiki ramaayana 001

travels discribed in vaalmiki ramaayana 002

My corrections for Kabandha’s place : Please see. Kabandha asks Sri Rama to go West to Pampa. Flora and Fauna description. (via Kishkinda – Ancient Deccan Civilization)

I also think that Sri Rama passed through Amarkantak.

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