Draupadi द्रौपदी अग्निपुत्री

Photo Credit : Satya Sarada Kandula : All Rights Reserved

Draupadi literally means, the daughter of Drupada. She is also called Panchali, which means princess of Panchala or Punjab.

But she was not the genetic daughter of Drupada. This dark beauty called Krishnaa (कृष्णा), was Agni Putri – the daughter of Agni Deva. (अग्निपुत्री द्रौपदी). Vyasa poetically says that she “emerged from the fire”.

Further corraborating the idea that the Devas were from the East (South East) Coast of India, we have the the tamil Speaking Tigalas who are called the Vahni Kula Kshatriyas (Kshatriyas of the Fire (Agni) Kula (Dynasty). To them Draupadi is a daughter, much like Sita Devi is a daughter of Mithila and Sri Rama there is the Jamata (son-in-law).

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