Deva Bhashas : Sanskrit And Tamil?

Pre-requisite : Devas: Human or Divine?

Abstract :

  • Data and derivations reveal that the Devas were from the Andhra-Tamil Nadu areas on the south east coast of India.
  • Ancient Tamil is considered the parent language of the languages and dialects of the south-east coast.
  • The Deva Bhasha could have been Ancient Tamil as well as Vedic Sanskrit.

Data and Derivations :

  1. Data : Many of the important Devatas of the Rg Veda Mantras were Adityas ie sons of Aditi and Kasyapa., for eg Indra, Viwaswan, Varuna and Mitra.
  2. Data : Similarly Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu, the Daityas were sons of Diti and Kasyapa.
  3. Derivation : They were all born and grew up in Kasyapa’s Asrama.

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  1. Data : In an east facing culture like ours, Daksha means right (as in right hand) and Dakshina means south.
  2. Derivation : Aditi’s father Daksha Prajapati, ruled the South.
  1. Data : A temple at Ahobilam in South Eastern India (presently Andhra Pradesh), marks the point where Hiranyakasipu the son of Kasyapa was killed on the threshold of his own palace, by Narasimha, (one of the most popular deities on the south-east coast after whom locals are widely named (Appanna))
  2. Derivation : This was either what he either inherited from his father Kasyapa or took over from his brother Indra. Ahobilam was where they lived.




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  1. Data : Vaiswaswatha Manu, the son of Vivaswan and the grandson of Kasyapa, was called Dravideswara in the Srimad Bhagavatham. He was the ancestor of Sri Rama. His son was Ikashvakus. Ikshvaku dynasty continued in Andhra for a very long time.

See : Sri Rama’s Ancestor, Vaivasvata Manu was a Dravidian King : Srimad Bhagavatam

  1. Data : The Andhra Satavahana kings and Sudyumna/Ila, the eldest offspring of Vaiwaswatha Manu had the same capital.. Pratishthanapura.

See : Pratishthanapura: Capital of Satavahanas and of Sudyumna / Ila


  1. Data : There is at Antarvedi, in Andhra Pradesh, a holy spot that marks the location of the Ksheera Sagara Mathanam. To churn an ocean, you must have an ocean. And only in the east does the moon rise out of the sea.

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  1. Data : Vasishta Maharshi composed the largest number of hymns to the ocean and was known as MaitraVaruni.
  2. Data : Vasishta and Arundhati took the help of Narasimha, when their sons were killed by Kalmashapada, on the banks of one of the tributaries of Godavari.

See : The devatAs of Vasishta’s Veda Mantras.

  1. Data : The dark beauty Draupadi, the adopted daughter of Drupada, was the Agniputri, the daughter of Agni Deva.
  2. Data : The Tamil speaking Tilagas who are Vahni (Agni) Kula Kshatriyas consider Draupadi their daughter as people from Mithila consider Sita Devi as their daughter.

See : Draupadi द्रौपदी अग्निपुत्री

  1. Data : The observation of the Saptarishis in Magha at the time of Yudhisthira’s rule around 3100 BCE (BC), could have been seen only in the latitudes of Southern Andhra.

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