Kaliyuga and Caturyugas.

This article has been modified and integrated into this article : How many kinds of Yugas are there? and this article Date of the Mahabharata War.
  1. The Mahapralaya (Universal Dissolution) that Markandeya told the Pandavas about was 1200 short of 12000 years before their time, it was 10,800 years ago as per Markandeya. If Kaliyuga did start in 3102 BC as indicated above then The Mahapralaya was 15,910 years ago. See: http://nature.ca/notebooks/english/iceage.htm
  2. Aryabhata never mentioned either kaliyuga, or saka era by name in the Aryabhatiyam. He spoke of The Date of the Bharata War with respect to the fourth Yuga Pada and his own age with respect to that event. There is an incorrect or  false attribution – correlation floating around the internet.

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