Yadu, Puru, Kuru

  1. Sri Krishna was a Yadava, a descendant of Yadu.
  2. Yadu was the son of Yayati and Devayani, Rishi Sukracharya’s daughter.  He was a step-brother of Puru, the son of Yayati and Sarmishtha. The descendants of Yadu were the Yadavas and the descendants of Puru were the Pauravas. Sarmishtha was a princess, the daughter of the Danava King Vrishaparva.
  3. Yayati the son of Nahusha who occupied Amaravathi and ruled from Indra‘s throne after Indra slayed Vritra. Nahusha was trained by Vasishtha. Agastya Rishi, who helped Sri Rama, is the one who cursed Nahusha and turned him into a Naga. (This may be a ruling that said – go and live as a Naga among the Nagas. In the Valmiki Ramayana, you find characters like Tataki and Kabandha and others who were turned into Rakshasas by curses and Sri Rama turned them back into Yakshas, Gandharvas etc. If you look at curses and boons as rules and grants made by the Rishis and Brahma, which everyone had to follow, a new sense of the stories will emerge. All these accursed people waited for Sri Rama, who heard their stories, redeeemed their curses and allowed them to go back to their people.)
  4. Yayati not only gave his kingdom to Puru but he also banned Yadu to the outlying regions.
  5. As per my analysis, Puru and Kuru were contemporaries and therefore Kuru could not be a descendant of Puru. As per the Padma Purana, Puru and Kuru were brothers. So this is verified.
  6. Puru’s son was Dushyantha and Kuru’s son was Santanu. Dushyanta and Santanu were cousins.
  7. Dushyanta and Sakuntala (Viswamitra‘s daughter) had a son called  Bharata. Santanu and Ganga had a son Devavarata who was later called Bhishma. Bharata and Bhishma were second cousins. Bharatha and Bhishma were contemporaries. This would make Sakuntala’s son Bharata, a contemporary of Sri Rama’s brother Bharata.
  8. Bhishma was of a grand-father’s generation to the Pandavas, Kauravas and Sri Krishna.
  9. Yadu was of a grandfather’s generation to Bhishma and therefore of the great-great-grandfather’s generation of Sri Krishna.
  10. Yadu was the 6th generation from Sri Krishna. So Yayati was the 7th generation from Sri Krishna.
  11. There is a popular story that Anjaneya (Hanuman) defended Yayati when Sri Rama was about to punish him based on a complaint (order) from Viswamitra. At that time Yayati ruled from Varanasi (Kasi). Yayati may have been 3 or 4 generations senior to Sri Rama. Perhaps a contemporary of Vasishtha.
  12. Sri Krishna’s father was Vasudeva and Vasudeva’s father was Surasena. Surasena ruled the same place (Mathura) and lived at the same time as Surasena (the son of Satrughna). If they were the same., then the dark Sri Krishna was the great grandson of the dark Sri Rama’s brother and both of them were the Avatars (descents – descendants?) of the dark Sri Vishnu.
  13. This gives us Krishna’s lineage Yayati, Yadu, Sumitra Devi, Satrughna, SuraSena, Vasudeva, Krishna. Interestingly all we know of Sumitra Devi is that she is the daughter of the King of Kasi. And during the time of Dasaratha and Sri Rama, Yayati was the king of Kasi. I need to see if this analysis is backed by any purana.

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*** I am looking to see if this analysis is borne out by geography or any other correlation. So, please wait before you quote me on this***

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