Magadha kings as per Bhavishyat Purana

Notes based on this translation of the Bhavishya Purana.

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  1. After 1000 years of Kaliyuga a brahmana named Kasyapa came down to earth with his wife Aryavati. Their sons were Upadhayaya, Diksita, Pathaka, Sukla, Misra, Agnihotri, Dvi-vedi, Tri-vedi, Catur-vedi and Pandey. Kasyapa went to Kashmir and worshipped goddess Sarasvati. She blessed him with knowledge. Then the sage went to the country known as Misra and put all the mlecchas into illusion by the grace of goddess Sarasvati. Then he made 10,000 people as dvijas or twice born brahmanas; he made 2,000 people into vaishyas; and the rest of them as shudras. He came back with them and staying in Arya-desha (India) he engaged in the activites of the sages. They were known as Aryans and by the grace of goddess Sarasvati their generation gradually increased upto 4 million, both the men and women with their sons and grandsons.
  2. Their king, Kasyapa muni, ruled the earth for 120 years.
  3. There were 8,000 sudras in the county known as Rajputra (Rajput) and their king was Arya-Prithu.
  4. His son was Magadha. The sage made him a king and left.
  5. Kings to rule the earth in Kali-yuga, after Magadha: When king Magadha, the son of Kasyapa was ruling the earth, he remembered his father’s administration and he separated the Arya-desha (India) into many states. The state which is on the eastern side of Pancala is known as Magadha, the state of Kalinga is on the east-south side, the state of Avanta is in the south, Amarta-desha is to the south-west, Sindhu-desha is on the western side, Kaikaya is to the north-west, Madra-desha is in the north, and Koninda-desha is to the north-east. These states are named according to his sons’ names. After performing a sacrifice he gave the states to his sons. Lord Balabhadra became pleased with his sacrifice, and..
  6. Sisunaga appeared from the sacrifice as his son. He ruled for 100 years and his son Kakavarma ruled for 90 years. His son Kshemadharma ruled for 80 years and his son ruled for 70 years. His son Vedamisra ruled for 60 years. His son Ajata-nipu ruled for 50 years. His son Darbhaka ruled for 40 years, his son Udayasva ruled for 30 years, his son Nanda-Vardhana ruled for 20 years.
  7. His son Nanda-suta, who was born from the womb of a sudri or a low class lady, also ruled for 20 years. His son Pranancala ruled for 10 years. His son Parananda also ruled 10 years. His son Samananda ruled for 20 years. His son Priyananda ruled for 20 years, his son Devananda also ruled for 20 years. His son Yajna-bhanga ruled for 10 years. His son Mauryananda ruled for 10 years. And his son Mahananda ruled for 10 years. (9 Nandas)
  8. At that time the great and famous Gautama, the son of Kasyapa introduced the Buddhist religion (~1790 kaliyuga), and attained Lord Hari in Pattana. Gautama ruled over 10 years. From him Shakya muni was born, who ruled 20 years. His son Shuddhodana ruled 30 years.
  9. His son Shakyasimha became the king on Satadri after 2000 years (of what?) and he ruled for 60 years, by which time all the people were Buddhists.
  10. Buddha-simha was born from Shakyasimha and he ruled for only 30 years.
  11. Buddha-simha’s son was Chandra-gupta, who married a daughter of Suluva, the Yavana king of Pausasa. He ruled for 60 years. (Is this the Sandrocottus of the greek reference? where is pausasa?)
  12. From him Vindusara was born and ruled for the same number of years as his father.
  13. His son was Ashoka.
  14. At this time the best of the brahmanas, Kanyakubja, performed sacrifice on the top of a mountain named Arbuda. By the influence of Vedic mantras, four Kshatriyas appeared form the yajna. Among these four Pramara was samavedi, Chapahani was yajurvedi, Shukla was trivedi and Pariharaka was the Atharvavedi. They were accustomed to ride on elephants. They kept Ashoka under their control and annihilated all the Buddhists.
  15. After that Pramara became king in Avanta and he constructed a large city called Ambavati for his happiness. It was as big as 4 yojanas or about 32 miles.
  16. (After 3000 years of Kaliyuga king Sankha was ruling ‘the earth’ and in the mleccha countries the king named Sakavat was ruling. )
  17. After 3,710 years of kali-yuga the king was Pramara who rulled 6 years, from him Mahamada was born. He ruled 3 years and his son Devapi did the same. His son Devaduta also did the same. From him Gandharva-sena was born, who went to the forest after ruling for over 50 years and having given his kingdom to his son Shankha. Shankha ruled for over 30 years.
  18. Lord Indra sent a heavenly girl to Gandharva-sena named Viramati. A jewel like son was born form her womb. At the time of his birth, there were flowers raining from the sky, many auspicious instruments were played and the wind was blowing pleasingly. The name of the baby was Siva-drishti, who later left for the jungle with his disciples. After 20 years he became perfect in Karma-yoga.
  19. That baby took birth in the secret place of Kailasa, by the benediction of Lord Shiva, to destroy the shakas and to increase the Arya-dharma or the Vedic reigion. Gandharva-sena named his son as Vikramaditya and become happy. This child was very intelligent and very pleasing to his parents. When he was 5 years old, he left for the forest to perform austerities and he continued it upto 12 years. After 12 years he went to the holy city named Ambavati with all the opulence and accepted the transcendental throne sent by Lord Shiva. For his security goddess Parvati created a Vetala (a king of ghosts) and sent it to king Vikramaditya’s palace. Once the powerful king went to the temple of Lord Shiva named as Mahakaleshvara. There he worshipped Lord Shiva. In that place he built a religious council hall with the pillars made of various metals and decorated with many kinds of jewels and covered with so many plants and creepers and flowers. In that hall he kept a celestial throne. He invited the foremost brahmanas who are well-versed in Vedic knowledge, worshipped them with proper hospitality and heard many religious histories from them. After that one demigod named Vitala come there having a form of a brahmana. Glorifying and blessing the king, he sat down on the seat and said: O master of this earthly planet, king Vikramaditya, if you are very eager to hear them I will describe the stories and histories to you. (The stories of Vikram and Bhetal?)
  20. 3710 + 6 + (3*3) + 50 + 20 = 3795 Kaliyuga . Vikaramaditya.
  21. 3795-3102 = 693 AD.

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