Tracking the Word Arya : The story so far :

It was always my impression that Kalidasa was among the first to use the word anArya. See Anarya! Dushyantha, Sri Rama, Sri Krishna. Then I found the word arya meaning compassionate in the Rg Veda. See The word arya in the Rg Veda : RV_04.026.02.1 : Gautamo Vamadeva Rshi. I also realised that arya and Arya (aarya) were 2 different words. Based on the records of the Bhavishya  Purana and based on the way in which the meaning of the word dora changed in telugu from master to white man to foreigner I proposed that  The word arya in the Veda, did not refer to “Indo European – Aryans”. Then I found that Both the words arya and aarya (Arya) are used in Rig Veda, 10th Mandala, 86th Suktham, and the RSi is no less than Indra himself.  It does appear at first glance thatthere were Aryans at the time of this mantra of the Rg Veda and that Indra favoured them over the dAsAs. In the Athava Veda of the mantras refers to young aryaman, with locks on his forehead, as someone who helps young men and women find the right match. (See : Atharva Veda : The First Veda : The Brahma Veda : atharvan, angIrA and brahmA were among the rishis.). In the Bhagavad Gita the word anAryam is used in the same sense as akIrthikaram etc to describe a weak state of mind. See The word “Anaryam” used in Bhagavad Gita (Mahabharata)

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