Lakshmi’s visit

My young friend Lakshmi visited yesterday.

It was an unusual visit in many ways. Usually she comes to help me and comes bearing gifts.

Yesterday, she came bearing her troubles and left with some gifts.

The first big difference was in me. I avoid watching even sad tv serials and movies – I cannot bear to see anyone suffer.

Yesterday to see dear Lakshmi so upset and not to be disturbed internally was a change in me. (I still avoid sad movies now, but for a different reason).

Seeing that I was not disturbed helped Lakshmi discuss her problem.

We talked about cakrAs, I showed her how horoscope charts are drawn and interpreted. And we looked at hers.

She has asked me so many times before and we never got around to it – always discussing something else instead. What she liked best about jAtaka cakrAs was that they were skymaps! What I liked best about teaching her was that she could get the ideas of aspects etc in a split second because she was a dedicated sky watcher for many years.

(BTW, guru mUdhami is over! I saw Jupiter in the east this morning before sunrise looking stunning as usual)!

As a rule I refuse to look at peoples’ horoscopes – it is effort intensive and highly depressing. So this was another big difference!

We discussed karma and samsAra and how though samsAra helps you quickly to vairAgya.

But it does so with misery on the one hand and adds to your sancita karma on the other hand! vairAgya through gnyaana is thus better!

Then she brought up this rather popular but silly idea that suffering helps spirituality. Like vivekananda I believe that cheerfulness is the true indicator of religion.

Suffering has nothing to do with it. People suffer because they want to. It is not samsAra that holds us. It is we who hang on to samsAra with all our silly might, giving reasons for why we have to continue in our miserable condition and not become free!

She wasn’t convinced – till I gave her the example of s’ankarAcArya and vivEkAnanda.

Then we looked at what ideas she was holding on to, that she could let go so as to be happy. Since she is intelligent, she could see it at once! That is one of the joys of talking to an intelligent person!

So if you are suffering in a bad situation, look at what bonds you have voluntarily shackled yourself with and let go. It is in reality that simple!

Another difference. Previously if I bothered to take the time and effort to give someone advice, I used to be disappointed if they did not immediately put it into practice. (kundA dEvi says that sometimes it takes people several years to act upon our advice, it is still useful.)

Yesterday, I knew that my words may not have either an immediate or a long term effect. People like to work out their karma in their own way. But I felt that if I showed the love and kindness that I felt, at least those few hours would be happy ones. So I did the sort of thing my mom does – made a little green honey tea, gave her some oats upma, a little sweet boondi that sort of thing. And I told her some terry pratchett jokes which can make anyone laugh out loud!

Then I saw myself giving her some cat’s eye jewelry which I believe helped me through my own kEtu phase. She felt good to hold it on her hand and tried on the necklace which immediately looked stunning and beautiful the moment she wore it. I always suspect that it is girls who lend beauty to the jewelry though the shops will tell you otherwise.

I remember the day 12 years or so ago when I went to kemp fort with my tiny son and we shopped up a storm. I had just got a very good high paying job after a stint of penury so that day was very special. That necklace and earrings were what I bought that day. Very good memory.

Also kEtu is a mOkSa kAraka. So if under the influence of kEtu, it is best to turn your mind and heart to the divine. Though of course that is when people forget divinity the most! Because of their troubles! My observation.

She also told me that one of her friends, Surya, I think, reads my blog everyday and goes and discusses it with her. It feels strange. WordPress tells me that my blog has followers, but to hear of a real human being who finds my words interesting and valuable is always a special feeling. And I think for a moment that I should blog a little more responsibly.

But with me it’s always – dil ne hamse jo kaha, hamne vaisa hi kiya, phir kabhi phursat me sochenge bhala that ya bura! zindagi khwaab hai!


The key


Scapolite (variety: Cat’s Eye) : Scapolite comes from the Greek word skapos, meaing rod, and lithos, meaning stone, and is commonly found in stubby to long prismatic crystals. It is not a well known gemstone, but can be very attractive. Scapolite gemstones can be white, gray, yellow, light brown to orange, pink or purple. The less transparent material is often cut en cabochon and will commonly exhibit a cat’s-eye effect, as seen here. The effect refers to the sharp ray of white light crossing the cabochon as a center line along its length. Microscopic tube-like cavities or needle-like inclusions form in a parallel orientation so when cut en cabochon the resulting “line” or cat’s eye is present. If the cat’s eye is not distinct, the scapolite gem sometimes will display an adularescence, or soft white glow, similar to moonstone. Gem quality scapolite is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, and Burma.
Image Number: Ken Larsen
Catalog Number: G10553
Weight: 12.81 carats
Gift of Bill Larson , 2008
Locality: Mogok , Burma