The Last Bastion – India

Anyone who went to school in India would have read meaninglessly woeful suggestions like – Indians were so peaceful, they only existed to be invaded, by various kinds of foreigners especially muslims and christians.

The reality is that India was the very last country that anybody attempted to invade,  and it never did the invaders any good. The East India Company went bankrupt and the British Empire collapsed to the level that now Britain is not even a super-power. (The Mughal rule had at least a short successful period 500 yrs out of much more than 5000 years.. because they stayed here and became Indians – and even then neither the British nor the Mughals were never given a moment’s peace). See Also : Unsung Heroes of the Freedom Struggle

For Alexander crossing the Sindhu was his greatest undoing. Reference : See The spinning of a legend by Kamalesh Aiyer. (When Bharata crossed the Sindhu from India and defeated the Gandhars, we never claimed to have conquered Persia, but when Alexander crossed Sindhu he is claimed to have invaded India.)

Islam went all the way till China, before it could even enter the natural borders of India (mountains + oceans).

Though the two animations below are approximate.. they are well worth the few seconds of viewing time and mandatory for anyone who learnt history in Indian Schools.


I think that any form of invasion – commercial, religious, political, military, cultural.. will face its final, certain and complete downfall which will begin when they enter the north of India and which will be final if they reach the south of India. All their resources and energy will be exhausted and drained and we will go back to living the way we always have.

The scene that flashes in my mind’s eye is men and women willingly facing lathi charges/bullets and filling  jails, for independence, based one the word of one physically frail man who was a tower of spiritual strength.

Historical evidence points to the fact that India is in fact the last bastion and best left alone.

The Devas really live here!!!

Authorship and Copyright Notice : All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula