Visakhadatta – Mudrarakshasa

Visakhadatta is the author of the play (drama) MudraRakshasa. His father was Bhaskaradatta and his grandfather was Vateswara Datta. They were administrators.

  • The hero of the play is without question Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya is his advisor.
  • The ruler in the benedictory verse, under whom Visakhadatta became famous,  saved India from the barbaric tyranny of the Mlecchas (foreigners). This king was called Chandragupta, Avantivarma, Dantivarma and Rantivarma. (The ruler, may have been the patron of the play.) Some scholars like to think that Avantivarma refers to the king of Kasmira or the king of Kanauj but with the name of Avantivarma.
  • Some scholars identify this Chandragupta, king of Avanti with Chandragupta Gupta,  the king of Avanti (Ujjain). Which Mlecchas was Visakhadatta talking about? The greeks of 4th century BC or the Huns of a later period (6th century AD?). If Sandrokottus is identified with Chandragupta Gupta as many modern scholars suggest, then we have no problem in identifying the mlecchas in the benedictory verse as greeks.

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