Re-Starting Online Classes.

It occurs to me that I would like to re-start my online/on-phone/on e-mail classes, on subjects relating to the sort of things I write about here on Ancient Indians.

These are paid classes. (No free ones I am afraid – Lots of people offer free classes online and in person so you can join those if you are a little short of cash!).

Bandwidth supports only 1-4 students per batch, maybe not even that many, so you may be the only student in class.

I would like to start with these three, for the simple reason that the ‘lecture notes’/text-book is already available here :

You are also more than welcome to download these for free and do a self-study if you like.

The emphasis is on meaning and chanting/reading will be taught only on request.

Bunking classes and showing up late is neither tolerated nor allowed.

Commitment is required.

That said, we can negotiate the times.

Leave a comment or send me an e-mail if you are interested.

I tend to advaita and draw from s’ankarAcArya.