Chitta Suddhi and Chit Svaroopi

Devi is called Chit svaroopi ie, one who has consciousness as her form.

Karma kanda of the Vedas are said to be for Chitta suddhi, purification of Chitta Consciousness

I asked my Veda Guru, Kunda Miss, how can you purify Devi who is all pure – what does this mean?

She clarified that in the term Chitta  Suddhi, refers to the union of chitta-manas-buddhi.

It is really the mind – manas that needs to be purified. Chitta is already pure.

Buddhi is that part of your mind that can learn and is taught.. the knowing part of your mind.

Dhi is the thinking part of your mind.

Manas is the part of your mind that is most involved with senses and perceptions and feelings.

Chitta is pure consciousness. The Tat.  The Brahman. The Tat is called Sat – Chit – Ananda.

Sankaracharya explains that the Chitta part of you and the Chitta part of the paramatma is the same. That is the meaning of tat tvam asi.

This is possibly what is referred to in modern english as “uinversal consciousnesss”.

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