abhyAsa : to achieve, to possess, to experience

People as I understand are a mixture of these three motives to differing degrees and in different proportions.

People who collect stuff and accept gifts from any source and given for any reason, can be recognised as mamakaaris, possessive people. They can collect stamps or clothes or cars or money. They admire wealthy people and achievers as people who have things and might even share them. An extreme version would be a miser or someone who hoards food but doesn’t use it.

People who ‘climb everest because it is there’ are achievers. They can break everything down to goals, targets and achievements. They collect awards and admirers. An extreme achiever is a man who earns much money, fame and position and does not have/or want a minute to enjoy it. Even a simple task like polishing one’s shoes can be treated by them with pride as an achievement. These are ahankaaris.

Almost everyone likes to experience something. A stamp collector enjoys the pleasure of looking at ‘his’ stamps.

An achiever enjoys the admiration of those who think he has ‘done a great job’.

An experiencer might be a parivraajaka, a wanderer who doesn’t care who feeds or shelters him as long as he gets to travel. He does not need to possess or achieve, just to experience different places. Be they temples or rivers or mountain slopes. He might delight in nature or malls or drink or friends.

Someone who wants to experience travel may achieve some money through working at a job, to buy a car or a plane ticket and then go somewhere and do something new.

The experientialists or the bhOgIs, like to do new and different things all the time.

The bhOgIs, ahankArIs and mamakaarIs all consider themselves better than the other and can give you long justifications on why they are right.

Philosophers say that the karta – the doer/achiever,  the bhOkta – the enjoyer/experiencer and the owner/lord of all things is Is’a. Not at all you or me. They say we can be a sAkSI or witness to all that is going on, we have no control, we are only consciousness.

They say that we have an identity problem.