mAnasam,vAcikam, kAyikam : dhyAyam, stuvam, namasyam : Vishnu Sahasranamam : s’Ankara bhASyam

Ganga Putra Bhishma told Kunti Putra Yudhisthira, that the unchanging puruSa is to be meditated upon, praised with chanting, and bowed to.

Adi Sankaracharya tells us in his commentary that, to pay attention – dhyAnam is a pUja by mind, stOTram or praise by chanting is pUja by speech and naman is pUja by joining palms in any good Asana.

So I think that if you sit in sukhAsana, vajrAsana, padmAsana or ardhapadmAsana and join your palms together in a namaskAra, accurately chant the beautiful nAma sahasram, with your mind paying attention to the meaning of each word, then you will be elevated.

This is my experience also.

satya sarada kandula