Astrological Remedies

Astrological Tips : Daana, Puja, Manidharana, Adhyayana

Puja :

  • With a pure and concentrated mind think of your Ishta Daivam, tell Him/Her/That your fears and wishes and ask for their help.
  • Rituals are optional and are beneficial to the extent of attaining that pure concentrated mind.
  • For those suffering from the illusory effects of Rahu : Devi Puja has worked the best in what I have seen.
  • This has no known side-effects. (Exception : a poor lady spent a lot of money on an expensive ritual that she could not afford and ended up cursing the astrologer.)

Daana :

With a pure heart

  • To some worthy person or children or orphans or elders or strangers, based on your ability, please donate,
    • drinking water, food, clothes, medicine, useful articles, toys…
    • some knowledge, books, education..
    • some service : give up your seat in a bus, help someone pickup a load, clean some area, throw trash in a dustbin, .. all the way to Baba Amte levels of service
    • take care of a garden, roadside plant..
  • All these are essentially generate “punyam”
  • See also :
  • Why gifting Gold is good : Karthikeya (Skanda, Kumara), Rudra, Agni and Gold Daana

Mani Dharana :

  • Different gems are prescribed for different situations.
  • As an individual, I feel the effects of different gems. But there is no uniform experience. In some cases it is a waste of money and contra-indicative.
  • People are also not clear whether to please the malefics or to strengthen the benefics.
  • Some people have benefited from wearing navaratnas and some are strongly against it.
  • Quality, size, timing etc are also issues.
  • Proceed with caution.

TirthaYatra, Tirtha Snana :

  • I have been enormously benefited by this and so have many others.
  • I have not heard of any negative side-effects.
  • Many people are also thrilled with the sight-seeing benefit.
  • I have not heard of any failed cases.
  • This requires expense and physical effort as well as time.
  • All these earn punyam as well as destroy papam.

Adhyayana :

  • You may study the Gita, Ramayana etc.

Benefits of Reading the Gita

The benefits of reading the Gita, according to the Gita itself, are:

  1. Freedom from fear and sorrow
  2. Attaining Visnu Padam (the state of Vishnu, the omnipresent preserver.)
  3. When done together with Pranayama (breath-control exercises), sins of even past births are cleared.
  4. It destroys Samsaramala, the dirt/waste that sticks to one by living in the world.
  5. There is no re-birth for the reader.

There is a book called Prarthana Tarangini, which gives the benefits of reading the different chapters of the Gita. I tried it. It works but in a different way from what you might expect.

The benefits of reading different chapters, according to the Prarthana Tharingini (prayer book) are as follows:

  • Chapter 2: Karya Siddhi: Success in work
  • Chapter 3: Easy Delivery of a baby
  • Chapter 4: Good Children
  • Chapter 5: Success of good deeds
  • Chapter 6: All good things
  • Chapter 7: Good marriage of child
  • Chapter 8: Removal of sorrow
  • Chapter 9: Removal of disease
  • Chapter 10: Removal of poverty
  • Chapter 11: Driving away ghosts
  • Chapter 12: Increasing devotion
  • Chapter 13: Self Realisation
  • Chapter 14: Removal of family conflicts
  • Chapter 16: Removal of ill-fame, insults and suspicion
  • Chapter 17: Eliminating problems brought on by planetary problems
  • Chapter 18: Removal of mental problems and sadness.

Bhagavad Nama Smarana :

  • Saying Rama, Rama or Harih Om or Jai Bajrang Bali, or Siva, Siva,  or Hare Krishna etc, is easy and recommended highly by Hindu Religious Organisations.
  • No known side effects.
  • Personally tried, tested and rely on Rama, Rama, Rama. (3 times). or Jai Bajrang Bali!

Prayaschittam :

  • Introspect honestly and look for what you did that may have earned this karma. The moment you understand your error, that problem will go away.
  • Introspect and see if there is a special lesson or skill that the Paramatma wants you to get and that you are not sensing. The moment you understand the lesson, that problem will go away.
  • After that forgive yourself and with a clean consciousness (chitta), move forward.
  • Rituals are optional, but they may aid the process.

Sri Krishnarpanam!

Disclaimer :

  • This is not based on logic or on detailed experimentation. It does not claim to be science or scientific. It contains personal, subjective, truths.
  • It is based on the subjective personal experiences of people known to me, including myself.
  • It is influenced by my reading and understanding of the sastras.
  • You may try it if you want or not try it if you don’t want.
  • I will/can neither explain nor defend it.
  • The intention is to help someone who wants such help.

Astrological Tip : Rahu

Rahu, is a shadowy graha or the moon’s node. Those born under a nakshatra for which Rahu is the Adhipati or those who are running Rahu Dasa or Rahu Bhukthi, tend to chase illusory goals (fame, money, glamour, position) etc as opposed to God and Salvation. They are generally not peaceful and have some troubles.

A prayer to Devi helps them a lot.

I usually advise them to say the following prayer :

“yA dEvI sarva bhUtEshu sarva lOkEshu samsthitA,

namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai namO namah.” I bow to that Devi (divine feminine) which is there in all things and all worlds.”

It restores the faith and focus of the individual. They have confirmed that it has helped them.

Disclaimer : Since it has to do with faith, I can offer no proof or logic. If you wish, you may try it. If it helps you, you may continue. Some people also find relief wearing a gomedhika stone in a silver ring. I just wanted to share it. I hope it helps someone.

Astrological Tip : How to identify your present dasa, bhukti.

Your jataka chakram (natal chart) will specify your janmanakshatram.

Find the graha nakshatradhipati of your jamnanakshatram to get the name of the graha whose dasa is ongoing at the time of your birth. See nakshatram.

A fraction of this dasa is over at your birth. Since the moon appears to be in front of a region governed by each nakshatras for a day approximately, the time the moon has ‘spent’ with this nakshatram divided by the total time it is going to spend with that nakshatram gives you the elapsed dasa fraction.

eg Suppose, the moon is due to spend 24 hours in Purvashada and has already spent 6 hours there.

6/24 is the fraction of the dasa already over.

Purvashada graha nakshatradhi pati is Sukra. Sukra dasa lasts for a total of 20 years.

Out of this 6/24 * 20 = 5 years is already over at birth. 15 years of Sukra dasa remain. 15 years is called dasa sesha at birth. Many jataka chakrams also give the dasa sesha.

This will be  followed 6 years of Ravi etc in the cycle. Based on your age and the method given in this post : Astrological Tip : Maximum Duration of any bad or good bhuktis. you can calculate your present dasa and bhukthi.

Caution : It is my personal belief that there is truth in the vimsottara dasa system. I have only subjective and anecdotal data for this, not exhaustive data. I have not conducted any large scale controlled experiments nor used any scientific method. the information is being shared for those who want to know.

Astrological Tip : For different dasas, bhuktis and sukshma dasas

Reference : gantala panchangamu : relangi tangirala : 1998 – 1999 : pg 117

  1. ravi – rudrabhishekam
  2. chandra – durgapuja
  3. kuja – subrahmanyeswara
  4. guru – namakam
  5. sani – sivapooja
  6. budha – vishnupuja
  7. ketu – suryaradhana
  8. sukra – laksmipuja

For those undergoing any period, named after sani, I suggest try saying and feeling : “Om Namah Sivaya.”  One observed effect of this period is external obstacles through no present fault of one’s own.  It is a time to settle old karmic debts. The person is not under illusion or chasing mirages as during rahu periods.

Caution :

  • I have not prescribed this before and have no data whatsover. If it works for you, please do let me know. Others can benefit.
  • It is my personal belief that there is truth in the vimsottara dasa system. I have only subjective and anecdotal data for this, not exhaustive data. I have not conducted any large scale controlled experiments nor used any scientific method. the information is being shared for those who want to know.

Sankalpa (Will) As an Astrological Remedy

My Veda Guru’s Veda Guru who was also an expert on Vedanga Jyotisha told her that problems could be solved by the application of one’s own sankalpa loosely translated as ‘will power’ in english.

My own Veda Guru says that for most problems, one make the sankalpa in one’s mind and then chant the Vishnu Sahasranama a total of 2314 times spread across as many days as necessary. Friends and well-wishers of the troubled person may also chant the Vishnu Sahasranama on behalf of that person. By ‘AcamanIyam’ (by men) and the washing of one’s hands and feet (by women), they can mentally transfer the punyam of chanting the Vishnu Sahasranamam to the beneficiary.

  • There is a simple puja on completion of the 2314 times.
  • The Vishnu Saharsanama is best chanted early in the morning before sunrise, the naivedyam, is payasam, milk and sugar or milk and honey. It is extra effective when chanted during solar eclipses, and on deepavali night.
  • One is expected to chant on an empty stomach or at least prior to consumption of rice based items.

I asked my father why anyone need bother chanting 1000 names of Vishnu when they can just chant Sri Rama’s name once. He said that it helps to strengthen the will power (sankalpa) of an individual when they follow this discipline with all the rules. It brings a positive change in their life style as well as keeps them busy and out of mischief.

So good luck.

Personal Experiences :

  • I found that a simple prayer even in english from my heart, where I was, was very effective even in the days when I did not know about all these things. I think prayer strengthens sankalpa.
  • I found that even a mental expression of agony as a feeling and not even words, worked in the Tirupathi temple.
  • I found that a sankalpa before Vedic chanting, and before Vishnu Sahasranama has instant effects.
  • I found that expressing my troubles on the phone to my mother or in a letter to my previous guru (even if I did not post it) or even just telling my Veda guru about them, all destroys the troubles.
  • I found that brooding about troubles increases them and brooding about the ‘troublers’ strengthens them. When troubled, it is very important to quickly arrive at a course of action and stop ‘strengthening the trouble by brooding about it’.
  • I found that nearly all the methods work and concluded that it is we who strengthen the methods.
  • I found that when sankalpa is followed by decisive persistent action, it always gives the desired result.

Note :  I cannot prove this. If you want try it. If it works continue it. Else don’t do it. This is for those who might want to know.

Astrological Tip : During Sani Periods – Destroy Karma with Gnyana (Jnana)

Many people are afraid of Sani dasas and Sani bhuktis. They wrongly fear that Sani is out to get them. This cannot be true.

Sani is a karma karaka. That means during periods named after Sani, you can just expect to pay your karmic bills. Just as you pay your electricity bill, water bill, rent etc once a month after having enjoyed them all previous days of the month.

To the average mind, a karmic bill appears like bad luck. You have to try many times to succeed.You lose stuff you like, eg  jobs, boyfriends/girlfriends. money, vehicles and so on. You may have accidents or insults.

Not known to many people, is that Sani is also a gnyanakaraka… In Sani periods you gain wisdom and knowledge.

People under the influence of Sani are not chasing illusions and mirages, unlike those under the influence of Rahu.

So is there a parihara?

It is believed that Gnyana (knowledge/wisdom) destroys karma.

So I think that during these periods, it will benefit those who worship Ganesha, Saraswathi, Hayagriva, Dakshinamurthy, Gnyana prasoonamba and all deities who personify knowledge. Tradition also recommends worship of Siva and Hanuman the perfect gnyanis.

Method ?

  1. I firmly believe that the pursuit of Saraswathi Devi through learning any subject is the key. Learn electronics or history or physics or music, or any other subject of your choice. Learn it with devotion and sraddha and a complete sacred feeling…. your gnyana will chase your karma away and your perceived bad luck will disappear. This has worked for me many times, in many situations. Do it as if it is a yagnya for Saraswathi Devi.
  2. Re-examine the incidents that you perceived as bad luck… Bad Luck is a label we give to incidents and events. Usually each event you dislike has led to some wonderful new opportunities and fun. The trick is to remove the ‘bad luck’ label from your mind, even when others want to come and show you pity and treat you as if you were unlucky.

Finally, not all karma is bad. Just as you receive dividends and interest on your investments, and salary for your work,  you will also receive the benefits of your good karma during Sani periods. So chin up.

If you like to chant, I suggest :

saraswatI namastubhyam varade kAmarUpiNi.

vidyArambham karishyAmi, siddhirbhavatu me sadA


suklambaradharam viSNum s’asi varNam caturbhujam

prasannavadanam dhyAyet sarvavighnOpa s’Antaye.


Chapter 17 of Bhagavad Gita.

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Caution :

  • I have not prescribed this for others before.  If it works for you, please do let me know. (It has worked for me.)
  • It is my personal belief that there is truth in the vimsottari dasa system. I have only subjective and anecdotal data for this, not exhaustive data. I have not conducted any large scale controlled experiments nor used any scientific method. The information is being shared for those who may want to know.

Astrological Remedy : Shodasha Ganapati : for removal of obstacles

It is my observation that people undergoing periods of s’ani face many obstacles. Since the Sodas’a gaNapati stOtra helps to remove obstacles .. it may benefit those in s’ani das’a also.

sumukhah, ekadantah, ca kapilah, gajakarNakah, lambOdarah ca, vikatah, vighnarAjah, gaNadhipah||

dhUmakEtuh, gaNadhyakshah, phAlacandrah, gajAnanah, vakra tundah, s’UrpakarNah, hErambah, shandapUrvajah||

Please get the dEvanAgari version with sandhis included.. I have broken the sandhis for clarity.

The phalas’ruti tells us that any who one who reads out or listens to these 16 names, at the beginning of education, and marriage, at entry and exit, in battle and in all work, will not have any obstacles.

Astrological Remedies in the Mahabharatam

Source : Anusasana Parva of the Mahabharata, as translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli.

Dharmaraja asked Bhishma about the effect of making Danas under different nakshatras.

Then Bhishma told him what Narada had explained to Devaki. (..and I now share it with you).

Devaki then explained it to her daughters-in-law, the wives of Sri Krishna.

  1. ‘By gratifying, O blessed lady, deserving Brahmanas with Payasa mixed with ghee, under the constellation Krittika one attains to regions of great happiness. (Easy to do even today)
  2. Under the constellation Rohini, one should for freeing oneself from the debt one owes to the Brahmanas make gift unto them of many handfuls of venison along with rice and ghee and milk, and other kinds of edibles and drinks.
  3. One giving away a cow with a calf under the constellation called Somadaivata (or Mrigasiras), proceeds from this region of human beings to a region in heaven of great felicity.
  4. One undergoing a fast and giving away Krisara mixed with sesame, transcends all difficulties in the next world, including those mountains with rocks sharp as razors. (This must be for Arudra).
  5. By making gifts, O beautiful lady, of cakes and other food under the constellation Punarvasu one becomes possessed of personal beauty and great fame and takes birth in one’s next life in a family in which there is abundance of food.
  6. Making a gift of wrought or unwrought gold, under the constellation Pushya, one shines in effulgence like Soma himself in regions of surrounding gloom.
  7. He who makes a gift, under the constellation Aslesha, of silver of a bull, becomes freed from every fear and attains to great affluence and prosperity.
  8. By making a gift, under the constellation Magha, of earthen dishes filled with sesame, one becomes possessed of children and animals in this world and attains to felicity in the next.
  9. For making gifts unto Brahmanas, under the constellation called Purva-Phalguni of food mixed with Phanita the giver observing a fast the while, reward is great prosperity both here and hereafter.
  10. By making a gift, under the constellation called Uttara-Phalguni, of ghee and milk with rice called Shashthika, one attains to great honours in heaven. Whatever gifts are made by men under the constellation of Uttara-Phalguni produce great merit, which, again, becomes inexhaustible. This is very certain.
  11. Observing a fast the while, the person that makes, under the constellation Hasta, a gift of a car with four elephants, attains to regions of great felicity that are capable of granting the fruition of every wish.
  12. By making a gift, under the constellation Chitra, of a bull and of good perfumes, one sports in bliss in regions of Apsaras like the deities sporting in the woods of Nandana.
  13. By making gifts of wealth under the constellation Swati, one attains to such excellent regions as one desires and wins besides great fame.
  14. By making gifts, under constellation Visakha, of a bull, and a cow that yields a copious measure of milk, a cart full of paddy, with a Prasanga for covering the same, and also cloths for wear, a person gratifies the Pitris and the deities attains to inexhaustible merit in the other world. Such a person never meets with any calamity and gratifies the Pitris and the deities and attains to inexhaustible merit in the other world. Such a person never meets with any calamity and certainly reaches heaven. By making gifts unto the Brahmanas of whatever articles they solicit, one attains to such means of subsistence as one desires, and becomes rescued from hell and every calamity that visits a sinner after death. This is the certain conclusion of the scriptures.
  15. By making gifts, under the constellation Anuradha of embroidered cloth and other vestments and of food, observing a fast the while, one becomes honoured in heaven for a hundred Yugas.
  16. By making a gift under the constellation Jyeshtha, of the potherb called Kalasaka with the roots, one attains to great prosperity as also to such an end as is desirable.
  17. By making unto Brahmanas a gift under the constellation Mula, of fruits and roots, with a restrained soul, one gratifies the Pitris and attains to a desirable end.
  18. By making under the constellation Purvashadha, a gift, unto a Brahmana conversant with the Vedas and of good family and conduct, of cups filled with curds, while one is in the observance of a fast, one takes birth in one’s next life in a family possessed of abundant kine.
  19. One obtains the fruition of every wish, by making gifts, under the constellation Uttarashadha, of jugs full of barley-water, with ghee and inspissated juice of sugarcane in abundance.
  20. By making a gift under the conjunction called Abhijit, of milk with honey and ghee unto men of wisdom, a righteous person attains to heaven and becomes an object of attention and honour there.
  21. By making under the conjunction Sravana, a gift of blankets or other cloth of thick texture, one roves freely through every region of felicity, riding on a white car of pure resplendence.
  22. By making with a restrained soul, under the constellation Dhanishtha, a gift of a vehicle with bulls yoked thereto, or heaps of cloths and wealth, one at once attains to heaven in one’s next life.
  23. By making gifts, under the constellation Satabhisha, of perfumes with Aquilaria Agallocha and sandalwood, one attains in the next world to the companionship of Apsaras as also eternal perfumes of diverse kinds.
  24. By making gifts, under the constellation Purva-Bhadrapada, or Rajamasha, one attains to great happiness in the next life and becomes possessed of an abundant stock of every kind of edibles and fruits.
  25. One who makes, under the constellation Uttara, a gift of mutton, gratifies the Paris by such an act attains to inexhaustible merit in the next world.
  26. Unto one who makes a gift, under the constellation Revati, of a cow with a vessel of white copper for milking her, the cow so given away approaches in the next world, ready to grant the fruition of every wish.
  27. By making a gift, under the constellation Aswini, of a car with steeds yoked thereto, one is born in one’s next life in a family possessed of numerous elephants and steeds and cars, and becomes endued with great energy.
  28. By making, under the constellation Bharani, a gift unto the Brahmanas of kine and sesame, one acquires in one’s next life great fame and an abundance of kine.’

Effort and Fate : Parasara

Parasara, the father of Veda Vyasa वेद व्यास,  and the grandson of  Vasishtha, is the author of Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, a definitive treatise on Hindu Predictive Astrology, quoted and followed by almost all Hindu Astrologers.

He is also the author of Parasara Smriti.

Where he says :Only by effort are tasks  accomplished and not by desires (chariots of the mind). As a  deer doesn’t enter the mouth of a sleeping lion .”

udyamEnaiva siddhyanti
kAryANi na manorathaih
na hi suptasya simhasya
pravis’anti mukhE mRgAh.

This should firmly put an end to the argument of whether one is supposed to make an effort or leave everything to fate.

These are the words of one of the highest authorities on astrology that this country has ever produced!

Authorship and Copyright Notice : All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula

Remedies for Bad Dreams : Gajendra Moksha

My Veda Guru said
: Before you sleep think of Hanuman, Garuda and Bhima.

rAmaskandam hanumantam, vainatEyam, vRkOdaram,

The shoulder of Rama – Hanuman, Vynateya (Garuda), the wolf stomached one (Bhima, the Pandava)

s’ayane yassmaratE nityam, dusswapnam tasya nas’yatE.

One who thinks of them when sleeping, his bad dreams are destroyed.

According to the Vamana Purana, Pulastya (the son of Brahma, grand father of Ravana रावण), told Narada that any one who reads, listens properly to or remembers Gajendra Moksha,
has their bad dreams destroyed.

The story is set in the trikUTa parvata, the son of Sumeru Parvata. It begins with the description of the magical trikUTa parvata and all the wonderful beings you might meet there!. One of its golden peak is served by the one who causes the day – the Sun, another by the moon and the third is the residence of Brahma.

(This golden peak bit is just like Mt. Kailas which reflects awesomely grandly the early morning sun and looks like it is made of pure gold! This description may also be the reason why some mlecchas (foreigners) like Megasthanes expected to find gold in the Himalayas, whereas Chanakya wrote that it was in the deccan that gold and gems were to be found! The gems you find in the Himalayas are a completely different kind 🙂 )!

In that divine place, visible only to the pure folks, there lived a fierce crocodile and a majestic elephant.

(In such stories look for symbolism, what do those animals represent?)

The crocodile caught hold of the elephant’s foot and the elephant – king, gaja – indra, Gajendra, prayed to Vishnu in the most charming and endearing words.

(It interesting that he praised Vishnu as Varaha, Trivikrama (Vamana) and Vasudeva but there is no reference to Matsya that I could easily see, and none to Narasimha, Kurma, Rama  or KrishnaSee Also : Kurma Avatara is after the Narasimha Avatara : Matsya Purana )

Then Vishnu came there, with his sankha, chakra and gada, on his Garuda and he killed the crocodile with his chakra and freed the king of the elephants (Gajendra – Moksha). The crocodile (makara) was really a Gandharva named hUhU, and he was freed from a s’Apam (curse) and went to heaven. Pothana wrote that Vishnu left at once and his sankha, chakra and gada flew after him, since he did not stop to gather them.

(Remember the name hUhU, he shows up in someother important stories.)

The elephant got a divine body since it was touched by Vishnu.

Then Bhagavan spoke sweetly to Gajendra. He said that anyone who remembers Vishnu, Gajendra, the trikUTa parvata, the crocodile, the as’vattha, sun, gangA, naimiSaranya,  with an effort and a steady mind, devoted and clean, their bad dreams get destroyed and they get good dreams. He also said that those who remember, in the morning, matsya, kUrma, varAha, vAmana, tArkshya, narasimha and nAgEndra, the cause of creation and pralaya, have their papAs destroyed  and attain the puNyalokAs.

Then Vishnu praised by all the beings of various kinds, including Indra, went to a place that’s hard to find and everyone was full of wonder.

And Pulastya said that anyone who hears this story is blessed with puNya (good Karma), and all their pApa (vikarma – bad action) gets destroyed.

The video clips below give you a version of Gajendra Stotra, but not from the Vamana Purana, wherefrom I don’t yet know.

There are special temples for Janma rasi, janma nakshatra and navagrahas : 

I have not personally tested these but maybe you can try if you like.

Authorship and Copyright Notice : All Rights Reserved : Satya Sarada Kandula

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