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11 thoughts on “Astrology

  1. why do we worship surya deva?
    We now know that sun is a ball of fire,then why do vedas stress on its worship?

    I studied here that brahma has a lifespan of 100 years of his cycle and 50 years of his cycle have passed can you say that?
    What when he completes his 100 years?

    1. Your questions can be answered in many ways.

      1. The sun is a second generation star that converts hydrogen to helium. ‘Ball of fire’ is merely poetry.
      2. The form of surya is a star. The form of abhishek is a man.
      3. The content of abhishek and surya is the Atman or the self. As per advaita, this is the same in the sun and in you. You arrle welcome to purchase my book on isa upanishad for a greater detail and depth.
      3. Vedas don’t stress anything. They don’t tell you what to do. They invoke the Self of All in a million ways and you can choose to use the mantras or avoid as per your liking.
      4. Please read as many of my astronomy posts as possible and also my post on brahma and all the links. After that we can discuss that question if u wish.

  2. Hello Sir, Nice repository of valuable information of our history. We have to do good deeds and we have to be good. This is the essence of any of our Vedas. I have one question to you since you have good knowledge in our vedas. Do we have to follow astrology always? And if we are obstructed by an astrology to do what we love, we have to go with what we love or what astrology says? Awaiting your answer sir. Thanks in advance.

  3. my name is nitesh kumar singh, my date of birth 11/06/1979 time 5:44am, place- dumariya (garkha), saran, bihar. plz give me my details janmkundali and prediction

  4. my date of birth : 13.06.1966 @ 4.00 p.m. ; star: Revathi, I am working shipping comapny last 11 years and company suddenly termimanate my service without any fault on me, but some one has given wrong opinion to our management. kindly advise any chanced company will take back or when shall I get new job. totally I am mental tention at present senario. kindly advise your remidies and solutions pls.

    1. Please consult a professional astrologer. I don’t see individual horoscopes. I study books that’s all.
      My belief is that with effort and prayer we can overcome all problems. Please do good deeds, have patience, visit temples, improve your skills and contacts and try hard without losing hope.

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