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No one has captured the hearts and imagination of the Indians as Sri Krishna has. Without going into raptures about Sri Krishna at this time, this page is for the Yadavas, the descendants of Yadu (the ancestor of Sri Krishna). The Yadavas had a very large empire and they ruled at least from Nepal to Kishkinda and perhaps even more.

This page is in the data gathering phase where I will put in the links that I can find on the subject and later develop it into an article.

Yadava Inscriptions in South India : This very interesting link gives the inscriptions with dates in Saka converted to AD. It appears to use the Saka 0 = 78AD rule, which is the going equation, and it verifies the tithi vara nakshatra, which makes it very useful. In many cases the ‘weekday’ is in error….implication?

Research on modern Yadavas in Andhra Pradesh

Ahirs of Haryana

Yadavas of Devagiri.

Yadavas, Khilji, Devagiri, Daulatabad




Sri Krishna’s sons