Kama : Desire : Kamaha Kamakrut Kanta Kamah Kamapradah Prabhuh Vishnuh : Vishnu Sahasranama :

Bhishma in Vishnu Sahasranamam tells us that Vishnu is

  • kAmahA – the one who destroys desire and kAmakRt – the one who causes it.
  • he is kAntah – the one we desire
  • kAmah – the desire itself
  • and kAmapradah – the one who gives us what we desire!

My Veda Guru says that it is Vishnu we seek when we desire anything. Once we get the Bhagavad-Tatva (Divine essence) from any thing – even dinner for eg, we lose interest in it.

Like kids on the beach we pick up each shell and see – is this it? and throw it away once we know that this piece isn’t it.

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