Naga : Source : Nagas are one of the important peoples of Ancient India. With the genetic mixing that happened in those times, you and I probably have some Naga genes too. Naga history is very important to Ancient Indian history. In modern India, especially modern Kishkinda (Karnataka-Andhra), you can see evidence of naga worship at practically every street corner and in between. Here are some pictures I took in Bangalore and Chikballapur : Naga DevatasPhotograph by Satya Sarada Kandula : All Rights Reserved

I shall present on this page, the stories and history of the Naga People as I find it. Siva has a Naga-abharana (Snake as Ornament and Vishnu has a Pannaga – Sayana (Snake as bed)). Arjuna married a Naga Kanya (Uloopi), Bhima was rescued by the Nagas, Parikishit was killed by the Naga Takshaka, Janamejaya performed a Sarpa Yajnya… Sri Krishna drove the Naga, Kaliya away from Kalindi.

The Naga Tribes of North East India believe to worship the God of Earthquake, who according to them is the supreme creator of earth out of water and the Son of this God guides the mankind. They strongly believe that God lives in the midst of mountains, dense forest, underneath the rivers and lakes. (Source)

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