Yoga, Chanting, Vedanta guru

My present guruji is pUjyas’rimati kundA cannagiri.

In this picture, you can see My Veda Guru, Smt. Kunda Channagiri and a bit of my classmate. On the wall in the picture, is a photograph of her Veda Guru, Pujya Anakama Mara aka Sri Padmanabha Aithal. He is the Adiguru of the Sadyojatha Charitable Trust : Veda, Vedanga, Vedanta Gurukula. In this picture, you can see My Veda Guru, Smt. Kunda Channagiri and a bit of my classmate. On the wall in the picture, is a photograph of her Veda Guru, Pujya Anakama Mara aka Sri Padmanabha Aithal. He is the Adiguru of the Sadyojatha Charitable Trust : Veda, Vedanga, Vedanta Gurukula. Photo Credit : Satya Sarada Kandula : All Rights Reserved

She was my brilliant and dedicated Sanskrit teacher at high school and I was her enraptured and fortunate student.

In january 2010,  I found her again after several decades and she agreed to teach me Vedartha and Vedangas. I felt that all those dips in the freezing Ganga at Haridwar and Rishikesh, as well as Krishna River, Kanyakumari’s TriSamudraSangam and other places were paying off!

Kunda Miss as my Veda and Yoga Guru : (From : A new kind of adventure : Learning Vedas and Yoga)

My Veda Guru, Kunda Miss,  says :

On Bowing and Blessing :

  1. Women do a panchanga pranamam and men do a sashtanga pranamam.
  2. Anyone can be blessed with a long life but a brahman (seeker of brahma vidya) may be blessed to attain brahma vidya and a kshatriya (king/soldier) may be blessed with victory and fame.
  3. It depends on what the seeker wants and what the blesser wishes to give. The blesser should sincerely attempt to channel blessings from the divine on the seeker.

On The only Guru is Bhagwan (God) :

  1. The only Guru is Bhagwan. When we sit to learn from a teacher, it is the Jagadguru Sri Krishna Parabrahma, Himself who is teaching us.  ….Similarly when anyone bows to us for a blessing, they are bowing to God and blessings go to them from God.
  2. I think this is very thrilling. I always think of my Veda Guru as Vidya Devi (Saraswathi) of Vidyaranyapura. But to think that Sri Krishna himself is teaching me through her with such a personal interest in my progress.. is thrilling beyond measure..

On Cooking and eating are yagnyAs!

  1. Because the vais’vAnara occupied our bodies after creating them, He resides in our bodies as the jaTaragni.
  2. Therefore my veda guru says that cooking and eating clean and fresh satvik food in time is a yagnya offered to the Vaishvanara. It should be done with care, devotion and love.
  3. Housewives, please take note.. you cannot neglect yourselves…

On Health and Emotional Balance – Yoga, Pranayama and Satvik Diet :

  1. Yoga, Pranayama and Satvik Diet, help to balance one’s physical and emotional health. The advantage of this is that we are then no longer burdens on anyone around us!!
  2. My veda teacher forced me to learn yoga, because she decided I needed it, though I declared that I  felt fine. Today I am finally a convert. It is very nice to feel pain free and peaceful..  :D.
  3. My previous yoga teachers taught in large groups and forced me to do many asanas that are contraindicated for me. They also were not spiritual. To the extent, that I refused to go to yoga classes even when they were taught free in my own locality.
  4. Now learning from a spiritual, aparigrahi, who is an expert in all adhyatamic and yogic matters, who understands my limitations and tells me what I can actually do, while lecturing me till I actually do it, I have seen the value of these techniques.
  5. One needs a guru in adult life as much as one needs a mom in childhood…


Spiritual Meaning of pUrNat pUrNamudacyatE: ‘That” refers to brahman (Parabrahma). “This” refers to this manifest universe. What we can sense with our sensory organs. Both are complete. Completeness refers to Perfection. This visible universe that manifests from the perfect brahman is also perfect. When perfect, complete manifest universe is removed from the brahman, only the perfect complete brahman remains. The manifestation of a perfect God cannot be imperfect, it is also perfect. (Courtesy : My Veda Guru)


rahita – means without (something). rAhitya – is a state of  absence of  (something). manO rAhitya is a state attained by siddhAs after sufficient sAdhana or practice. In their practice, the sAdhakAs train themselves to reach and stay in the Atmasthiti, or the self state., where the mind and all antahkaranas (inner senses) are still. At this time, their mind is said to dissolve into nothing and they experience the ananda (bliss) of the self. My Veda Guru tells me that some sAdhaks attain manO rAhitya and stay endlessly in that state, and some for smaller periods of time.

On other topics :

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Recommended By Guruji :

  1. Upanishad Sources : Books : The Isadi nou upaniSad, in Hindi, Gita Gorakhpur press, priced at Rs 100, is an amazing book, with both the upanishad mantras and sankarabhasya in Sanskrit plus their translations in Hindi. Excellent print hardbound. It was recommended to me by my veda guru.
  2. My veda guru had told me about her professor, Sri Lakshmi Tatachar : A swayamAcarya was at the head of sanskrit research at melkote and to look him up  as well as the sanskrit library. From :  s’ama dama : s’ama in Melkote Narayana Sannidhi. He invited her to doa PhD. with him, but  by then she had already found her Guru.

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