Ancient Indians and The Veda


This web-site is all about the ancient Indians. Who they were, where they lived and what they did.

How can we know what happened in the far past? Times change so rapidly, that our lives are very different from the times of our parents and grand-parents.

If you wanted to know about your grand father, you would listen to the stories that he told you about himself, the stories that others told you about him, look at his diaries and photographs and other such records. Then you would piece it all together and create in your mind, a picture of what your grandfather was like when he was young, what he did and how he lived.

You would see how it all fits in, with any other information you have about his times. Then you would be ready to tell your grandchildren how your grandfather lived. You might just tell them the story, or write it all down, or make a song about it, or paint pictures about it, or even carve it in stone.

Ancient Indians, our forefathers, preserved all that they knew, all that they did, all that happened to them and descriptions of all the places they had been to or lived in., in The Veda and in the Sthala Puranas or stories of Places.


Ancient Indians were spiritual and poetic. They saw divinity and beauty in everything. They were also highly technical and mathematical and were very good astronomers. And they put everything into their Veda, their rituals and their lifestyle. They lived in a way that they could never forget who they were and what they had learned so far.

Veda Vyasa studied the entire Veda and he classified it into 4 separate Vedas – that had to be used together with rituals and other books whether for worship or for knowledge. He also separated all the stories out into different Puranas.

Vyasa was a great organiser and the first story that I tell will be  Vyasa’s story.

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