Humanity Vs. Society

We humans have already recognised that corporates do not act in our interest.

We say that corporates have an insatiable desire for growth and profit and and don’t care what happens to real people, the employees, customers and stakeholders or the rivers, lakes, air etc.

We have also observed that any society anywhere in the world, whether a small family or a large nation is far more interested in it’s own preservation – and the ‘little’ people can die – of starvation, frustration, in a war, of diseases or depression, sacrifice (forced or voluntary) and so on and society with it’s rules bears down on humans. 

We hear words like “hate/don’t care for” society. Humans live at the edges, on the fringes and under the radar of watchful society. In movies like ‘Catch me if you can’ humans celebrate the successful young crook who can outwit social institutions instead of being exploited by them.

Humanity is the layer above society. It operates on kindness and humanenes to humans and nature. Humanists reform society. Humanists fight for the rights and interests of all humans and they bring about social and legal changes. They are the care-takers of society. They are not anti-society. They are above it.

Many great leaders and reformers form this umbrella for society.