Lose the asat first and then the sat.

asat is rajas + tamas.

Lose tamas – ignorance, inertia darkness etc first.

That gives you the energy of rajas and the knowledge of sat.

Lose rajas next because it is the cause of anger, desire and attachment.

Then lose sat which is your idea of what is good, and accept reality.

sat sangatvē nissangatvam.

This is the divine way to reality and truth. (like ŕşī: who were very long lived.)

Losing rajas first will leave you with no energy to banish tamas or to do good. (The lazy benelovent).

Losing sat first will leave you with energy and ignorance which would be the rākśasa-way to mökşa (like kamsa: , śisupāla: etc).

So tamasö mā jyötirgamaya.

and then

asatö mā sadgamaya.