Names and Attributes

Let us say that parents/elders name a child after an attribute, for example, satyā.

It means that the namer thinks a lot about truth and falsehood and likes truth.

The life of the child will be connected with truth and falsehood with love for/search for truth.

Think of that person as satyā – asatya or satyāsatya.

When we meet a person with a name prasanna, think of them as prasannāprasanna. One who is Pleased-Displeased.

harşa is harşāharşa, joy and sorrow.

aparājita is parājitāparājita, one who is defeated by others and victorious over others.

aditi is dityaditi. Broken and whole.

śrīnivāsa is śrinivāsāśrīnivāsa – the abode of śrī and her opposite.

And so forth. Look for the attribute highlighted by the name and it’s opposite. That will give you a clue as to the major idea connected with that person. Since that’s what mattered to the one who named them – who was a major influence in their life.

This has been my observation.