Beaten by moms, ruled by dads.

I met a lady a little while back who described how her mom beat her out of her own frustration, and how her dad, though loving was also dictating.

The physical abuse turned her to drawing and singing… but her dad forced her into science.

It was not unusual for children to learn self-rejection from mothers and conditional self-acceptance from fathers in a society where mother, father and teacher demanded to be regarded as God.

In a happy turn of events, both the lady and her son are musicians now, inspite of her husband wishing them to be professors of science.The husband being another role that demands to be regarded as god.

It is dangerous to treat body-minds as God. The Self or AtmA present in all may be worshipped, individual body-minds can be loved and treated with compassion as even they are struggling to survive and evolve.

Few people are as honest and open as the lady in the story. Perhaps the present generation of mothers are not physically abusive and perhaps the present generation of fathers are more accepting… 

But the problems of parental rejection and conditional acceptance are very prevalent in our society.