Living in a State of Partial Rejection.

It is not that we are completely rejected by others. It is that we are accepted partly or conditionally.

Society rejects and isolates anti-social people and it elevates the Altruists.

Families have their own code of acceptable behaviour. Dress codes, allowed speech and proper conduct. Everyday, in every way, we communicate to others what is acceptable and not acceptable.

Conditional/partial acceptance is the basis of a social group.

What about the other side of us? Which wants to sing and dance, to laugh out loud and cry uncontrollably?

It is nor uncommon for people to retreat into the solitude of their bedrooms or bathrooms to weep.

We can heal partly in the company of people who partly accept us. But total healing is only possible in solitude.

So even when we are supportive, we must know how to keep our distance. A smart person knows how close to go to another person and where to stand with others.

People with understanding spouses/friends/families perhaps have a somewhat better deal than others. 

The rest of us, just have ourselves and our Self.