Shopping : Understanding Promos : Amazon Now example.

I became curious when Amazon Now said you could get Rs. 1000 back if you spend Rs. 3000, tomorrow, using ICICI cards. This time, I am not tempted.

1. You will get the gift card for Rs. 1000 after 3 months. You may have to follow up. I had to follow up on a previous cashback offer. This happened to me once. They did give me the cashback on follow up.

2. Amazon Now gets the products from Bigbazaar some of whose prices vary, some of which are past expiry and some of which are out of stock. So if you aim for the 3000 + promo bracket you may fall back into the 2000 + promo bracket. Even a small price variation at the edge will drop you into the lower bracket. So don’t expect the promo you are “shopping up” for. This happened to me once.

3. It is not easy to “Shop Up” unless you buy many many items and move their inventory into your house. If you can’t use these products in time, they will move past expiry and you have to throw them out. And when you “Shop Up” the original small item you needed may be the one that is missing. So you can’t bank on getting all you need. And you may have to make the trip to a store which you were planning to avoid. This happened to me with Big Basket also.

4. You also have to choose from the brands they showcase on the online store. Not your favorites. So you may have a lot of what you do not much like.

I think Amazon Now can be helpful… if you stick to ordering a few items that you actually need and ignore the promos. Don’t “Shop Up” to save. That is a big temptation but the game is not designed for you to win. It is designed for them to move inventory of perishable goods. 

Buy exactly what you need. When you need it. And through the channel that suits you best. This is what I keep telling myself. 

There is story attributed to the great telugu poet śrīnāthuđu. He said we ask for a big vessel of of water, when we can carry but a cup and drink but a gulp.

It is necessary to identify and focus on our real needs.