Individual : Self – Representation

I find it hard to do a proper self-introduction. What do  I in fact, do?

My son told one his profs that I study Hindu Scriptures. And yes, that is true.

 But to myself I am much more than that. I cook and research nutrition of Indian and Foreign Vegetarian food. And I write about what I find.

I travel to religious and natural places as well as unviversity campuses and any where else. Basically I go out and share what I see or learn through words and photographs.

I read in Sanskrit and English the literature and science of the past and present. I share what I learn on this site.

I wonder, I feel, I converse, I think, I understand and I share my own experiences and learnings.

And of course I do some technology things, some Indian things, some daughter things and some mother things.

I do some home things and some woman things and some diabetic things, some friend things, some human things and some person things.

I do everything with great intensity, concentration, honesty, depth and dedication, purity of heart and clarity of mind. But that’s a ‘how’.

So what do I do, that not everyone else does?

Connecting Science and Hindu Scriptures and writing about that. 

So when I am asked next, I will say that I study Hindu Scriptures. That sums it up I guess.