Individual : Living Beyond Emotional Triggers

I found a document online, while thinking about the following problem.

There are two kinds of trauma.
¤ Past Trauma
¤ Ongoing and Re-inforced trauma.

We can, in time, forget the past, hopefully, and heal.
But sometimes you cannot run away from the places, people, interactions and situations that hurt you.

Think of someone in a presently traumatic situation… like Anne Frank for example.

Then you have to recognise your oppressor/situation/trigger….
And find a way to cope with present trauma – the “I have been suffering since birth…..” kind.

We take inspiration from people who achieve in the face of obstacles like poverty, scarcity, abuse, neglect, disability, discouragement, exploitation and so on.

All the garbage in our lives can be an excuse for failure or form the basis for the story of our resounding success.

To succeed, I must know my goal. I must recognise the obstacle. I must overcome it.