Individual : Incentivise, traumatise and glibly apologise.

Opportunity knocks… but temptation leans on the doorbell. So when these car aggregators and others offer discounts and cashbacks, I fall for them. Even though I know the good guys are rare.

Then I suffer the traumatic experience of trying to get a) the service and b) the cashback/refund.

And I get the canned & glib apologies which do nothing to make me feel better.

You might think that this gray haired old woman has learned her lesson by now. But the greed to get “value for money” or to “stretch the dollar/rupee” is a powerful motivator when you have less money and more desires.

Greed is what drives us to pick up bargains… and lobha is a tāmasa motive. This naturally leads to misery.

I should only plan for real expenses that I can afford and eschew the rest.