Recipie : Make Spicy Cottage Cheese & Whey : Nutrition : A sāttvika-rājasika food.


If you break the rising milk with vinegar, and filter it, you get cottage cheese and the liquid whey. A lot of hype about the expensive imported whey, that fitness instructors insist upon is because when you remove the fat and fat soluble nutrients from milk, you are left largely with protein.


I added shredded chili and garlic, salt and cold pressed mustard oil to the vinegar, and add that to the just rising milk.
I used the cottage cheese spread on freshly toasted multigrain bread from breadworks and I saved the whey for making pasta.

This fresh whey is good for any young’uns looking for fitness.

I used synthetic vinegar because I have to finish it off.. but I recommend lemon juice if you have the option.


Chili, garlic and vinegar are definitely rājasa foods and I’m guessing mustard oil is also rājasa.

Milk is sāttvika food and bread is part sattva (the grains). Maybe the preservatives are tāmasa. I have to check.

rājasa foods are sometimes needed to compensate for ill-health occuring from too much tama: in the body especially in winter.