Humanity : Culture, Knowledge, Resources and Politics

Every little bubble of humanity has learned something about the world around, the world beyond and the world within. That constitutes it’s knowledge and it’s culture passed on to younger generations through tradition.

These little human-groups have come into contact with each other.

_ Some interactions were exchanges of cultures and information. These interactions are enlightening and uplifting and have contributed to the well-being of humanity.

_ Some interactions were an exchange of goods and services
_ Some interactions were battles for resources and for dominance. War, Politics, Diplomacy, Propaganda.
Cultural Exchanges and Trade are a great way for sections of humanity to interact and come together. That requires an appreciation for the value that others bring.

Self-importance,  greed, a desire for dominance, feelings of superiority and condescension, resource-grabbing.. all these generate conflict and losses of life, property, dignity, peace, resources and well-being.

Leaders in the past have preached love, tolerance, humility, self-defence, self-respect, humility, patriotism, duty, selflessness, sacrifice, generosity, sharing, hospitality, detachment, devotion, dedication and the like.

Group virtues and individual virtues, politeness and political correctness are all meant to help all the bubbles of humanity coalesce and become one.

Humanity has been trying to move from zero-sum to win-win. Our well-being does not require the ill-being of other humans or other species or nature.

We haven’t got it right yet.

Some of us focus on what we can share with each other as inter-dependent groups. These among us are fortunate to a degree.

Others among us are keenly aware of being ill-treated in the present or past and are wary of the other groups. Or they are afraid of being ill-treated in a new order.

Many among us ‘know’ that they are the best and their’s is the best way and they have been terribly put-upon. A few of us are gleeful that they are ‘winning’ because they are clever and have it all figured out.

In the end, I guess it’s a matter of choice and necessity