Relationships : Interaction Currency

Some people transact in happiness. Give joy, take joy. And even when you take your sorrow to them, they return happiness. Even when you give them sorrow, they give happiness. These people are fountains of joy. Like gövinda and rāma.

Some people transact in misery. They like miserable exchanges. They will make you sad even when you are trying to make them happy. Their satisfaction comes from hurting your feelings. This kind of people are fairly common. Some of them can be materially generous while being emotional drains. These are fountains of misery.

Some people always want to inform you. They radiate light and knowledge… they attract students and learners. Like kŕşņa.

Some people always want to misinform and manipulate you. These people actually “radiate” agnyāna. They respond to truth with fallacy and to fact with lies.

Some people radiate inspiration, confidence and courage like swāmi vivēkānanda. They inspire you to right action, to dharma. Like kŕşņa.

We have to do two things.

a) Know what we give other people.

b) Know how to recognise and respond correctly to what others are throwing to/at us.