Astro : purANA: : The father of sūrya, the sun – kaśyapa prajāpati.

sūrya: is known popularly as āditya: , the son of aditi. He is also known as kāśyspa: , kaśyapātmaja:  or kāśyapēya: , kaśyapasya son , after his father.

In Ancient Indian astronomy, a celestial is named after the one who observes, studies and names it. Thus dakşa was called the father of the 27 nakşatrāņi and kaśyapa was called the father of sūrya as aditi was called the mother.

The celestials observed by aditi and kaśyapa are the ādityā: and those observed by aditi’s sister and co-wife, diti with kaśyapa are the daityā: .

All the beautiful pourāņika-kathā:  , make elegant sense in the context of astronomy.

kaśyapa as paśyaka (the seer – the one who sees)  as per the reversal rule of the nighanțu (of which kaśyapa was the first author) also acquires a lovely meaning in this context.

It also reinforces many of the ideas in the śiva mahāpurāņa where clearly the daityā: put us in mind of another set of celestial objects.

And it also makes sense why all the animals and plants turn out to be children of the 13 wives of kaśyapa, our ancient astronomer and naturalist.

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